Friday, June 22, 2007

Good Lord, I'm stuck in a time loop

Despite all my attempts to mature mentally, I can't seem to not pay attention to what's happening with fucking Digimon. Yes, I know the story is two months old and in that time I wasn't paying attention, but a recent forum topic got me to check back. It's even worse that now that I know there's another season coming, and it will likely be picked up by a Canadian network, I'll more likely than not catch it every once in a while. I could go through a Cronenberg marathon and not be fully redeemed.

I will never escape the age of 12. Unless I'm fortunate enough that canvas life and sociology courses will beat that shit out of me.

This title also seemed appropriate, as my friends and I spent last night listening to vintage records on the player my friend recieved for his birthday. If playing Smash Bros. to The Rolling Stone's Some Girls is not a complete representation of my life, I could probably think of something else, but it's still a pretty good representation.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

On the process of junior script writing

My friend has taken it upon himself to begin writing the first script for our colloborative effort comic. Having spent the last few months reading Sandman, which is definelty a plus. But he wants to fill the first five pages with nothing but images and psuedo-psychological babble. I may need to make sure he doesn't go completely off into pretention (keep in mind, this a sci-fi action/adventure series which features a humanoid fox, a demon cowboy, and a super baseball player as main characters), despite his contention that he knows when not to get too 'arty'.

Things are starting to get interesting.


And Terror Be Thy Name!


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Skrulls in Revisionist History

6 million Jews? Try 4.2 million Skrulls. And 1.8 million Jews.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Hellboy 2 sounds so awesome. I had inklings of the plot before, but I recently read a script review, and wow. All the dissapointment in the lack of Roger (but inclusion of Johann, so not too bad) or Lobster Johnson has dissipated in the face of awesome that is what I read. GDT is king of awesome.

I also find Pixar's next movie, Wall-e, absolutely fascinating. As I mentioned before, I love robots, so it already had that going for it. But the plot actually sounds interesting and different. I mean, they want to make the first third of the movie sans dialogue, and then make fun of humanity by turning them into immobile blobs in the future.

So, yeah, despite completely failing to see all of the big summer movies yet, I am starting to look at next year's crop, which also has The Dark Knight and Iron Man.

In other movie news, I was dissapointed to hear that Rise of the Silver Surfer is not much of an improvement over the first FF movie. So either you still like it or you still don't like it. Not being a fan of the first, I figure I'll intentionally sit out of it. Oh, and I'm not pissed at all about Cloudlactus, no matter how much like Sun-Eater it is.

Finally, spoilers for Doctor Who fans....

The Master is back.

I can't wait for CBC to pick up Season 3.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Planet Puzzle League

Damn Router, forcing me to move back to the desk computer until I get it fixed/get a new one >:(

Anyway, I bought Planet Puzzle League for the DS yesterday. If you did not know this already, it is the DS version of Tetris Attack. If you did not know already, Tetris Attack is a perfect thing of pure happiness. Angels do not cry tears of joy, they cry copies of Tetris Attack.

The aesthetic for the game is quite similar to the DS' other awesome puzzle game, Meteos, which means trippy backgrounds and odd techno music. Veterans will be happy to hear that the touch screen controls actually work really well, but if they ever so feel like it, they can use normal controls. Plus, it's online.

Seriously, it's totally worth buying it. Maybe even 5 copies, so you can hand it to random strangers.


Friday, June 08, 2007

Teen Magazines

Reading the teen-oriented entertainment pamphlet 'The Magazine Not For Adults', I came across a review for the new Linkin Park album. The verdict:

"If you like this album, you may also like: Battle Of Los Angelas, Rage Against the Machine"


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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Weekend Update

I guess you want to know how my weekend of games went? It was good and fun.

First game: Apples to Apples. More like a 'normal' board game, one they would even advertise on TV!, than most of the other nerd stuff. It's a fun word association game, and with the proper crowd it can be a great time.

Second game: Age of Mythology. Surprisingly, I did pretty well at this game. To be fair, it was because I spent most of the game hoarding buildings while only once successfully smiting an opposing army with my Norse Forces. Very fun game, with many pieces that can choke small children!

Third game: Horrorclix. Finally got to play this. I used a pre-made team of ghosts. My Evil Cosmonaut, Scarecrow, and Asylum Spirit all survived the first game, but got wiped out by vampires in the second. Oh well. Got plenty of free stuff for the game, so a winner is me.

Finale: Heroclix. The big mamajamma thing. Got absolutely destroyed in almost all three rounds. Oh well, I don't play very often, don't have as many new figures, and just plain suck. Again, lots of free stuff, so it really doesn't matter.

Speaking of Heroclix, I spent this time buying many packs. I was lucky enough to pull the very rare Wizard Shazam figure, as well as that Owlman figure I nominated as the 'best piece of anti-matter' last year.

I think I may start buying these regularly again, or at least a few when a new set comes out (which is in two weeks!)

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Loch Ness Monster Returns!

Yeah...about that...

This, seriously, is the best footage they've ever had? It's not even until the second half of the video that it even LOOKS like anything.

I am severely dissapointed. In CNN, in the recorder, in Scotland, and especially in Nessie.

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