Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I've come to quickly post about random things.

Yes, you can play as Luigi in New Super Mario Bros.(I'll let you figure it out).

Yes, I went on a trip with friends on Sunday, and I got a cool Watchmen shirt out of it.

While working, I found a brand of peanut butter called 'NoNuts'. Tee hee.

I am certainly giddy about this weekend's gaming festivities at Prairiecon. I'm gonna be trying my first role-playing games. Awwwww.

I will not knuckle under and buy Stadium Arcadium, no matter how much other people tell me to. I am not a number, I am a free man!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Smash Stuff

I'm sure you're just dying to know who I think should/shouldn't be Smash Bros. Brawl. I have thought of this long and hard, and have figured out one important thing: I'm far more qualified at this than all of you. With that behind us, let's get those idears:

Characters who are essential
As in, those who, if not in the game, will start a bloody rebellion. At this point in time, these guys are too obvious and important to be ignored. 2 of them, Pit and Wario, have already been put in the game. Let's hope the same for:

Little Mac-The main man from Punch-Out!!, one of the greatest games ever devised. The guy took down Mike Tyson, so respeck is needed.

Captain Olimar & Pikmin-The bulbous little astronaut who uses and abuses insect/plant critters to solve problems and find treasure was charming enough in the Pikmin titles, and has quickly descended on the ladder of popular Nintendo titles. Brawl needs Olimar and his savage little bastards to tear it up, as odd as it is to have characters from such a peaceful game beating the crap out of other characters.

New franchises that need representation
Title says it all. These are Nintendo games and series who deserve one of their own joining the Brawl:
Battleclash/Metal Combat-These Superscope shooters have a pretty big cult following, although I'm betting more of a cameo than a full playable character. Still, shooting robots is fun. Maybe a Wii or DS sequel, instead...
Custom Robo-Just a Action-RPG where holographic robots beat the holy hell out of eachother. This one's main 'bot, Ray in one of his many models, seems likely for this game.
Golden Sun-It's a traditional RPG with 2 games on the GBA and lots of little mages with cool elemental powers. Between the two, there are 8 main characters, and any of them could be a good addition.

Joy Mecha Fight-My friend downloaded a ROM of this Japan-only NES fighting game, featuring, you guessed it, robots. This one would be pretty sweet, if only because the characters look silly. The floaty oval main character, Sukapon, has been mentioned on the Smash Bros. comment sight, so atleast it has a chance.
Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan-As I mentioned in a previous post, the two people who have mentioned the characters from this on the site deserve gold stars. We need more dance-based characters, and these guys fill the role WID SPADES. Definetly near the top of my list.
Punch-out!!-Oh, yeah, if Mac is in the game, can one of his opponents maybe show up too? Super Punch-Out!! Jackie Chan-parody Dragon Chan was mentioned on the main site, so why not?
Starfy-It's a Japanese platformer about a cute lil' starfish trying to find his way home. He's fairly prominent on the handhelds back in his home country, and while he isn't high on my want list, he could make a swell addition.
Wars-One of Nintendo's oldest franchises, and big brother to Fire Emblem. The latest incarnations on the GBA and DS have provided lots of character possibilities, the most likely to be included being one of the main trio of Andy, Sami, or Max.

Of course, I could go on forever listing possibilities, but that would get boring after a while. Although, this game ain't coming out for a freaking year, so I guess I have lots of time to get to them. Next, I list new characters from series already with representation.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I've been spending alot of time on various Smash Bros.-related forums trolling for opinions. Dear Lord, most of them are in utter chaos. I don't know why I keep going back. Well, I don't know why I keep going back to DeviantArt, either.

I have also looked at the daily updates at the Official Japanese Smash Bros. site. I find using Google Language works alot better than Babelfish when translating the site.

I find the two recommendations for Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! Cheer Squad to be the best suggestion of all.

I'll give you all my ideas, later. Jesus, there's still a year before Brawl comes out.


Saturday, May 20, 2006


How creepy is it to buy Birthday presents at a Hospital Gift Shop?


(This random nonsensical thought brought to you by Pizza Hut's buffet.)

My ass hurts.



Am I the only one who finds it hilarious how comprehensive the Skeletor article on Wikipedia is?

A couple months back, Roger Ebert was on the The Daily Show. For one reason or another, the conversation between him and Jon Stewart included the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ebert couldn't remember what the name of the villains the Turtles fought, and an audience member shouted "THE F.O.O.T.!". Ebert replied "Isn't life too short to know stuff like that?"

After reading the entire Skeletor article, I tend to agree.


Friday, May 19, 2006

This is what I've been playing

New Super Mario Bros. has been a very fun little game. It basically combines elements of the first NES Mario, and later platformers like 3 and World, with well-animated 3D graphics and plenty of alternate routes to keep you entertained. I'm not finished it yet (not that I'd want to, I just got it on Tuesday), but I'm in the last stretch of a normal run-through. Afterwards, I will attempt to find the hidden paths and get all the special coins.

This game also features a terrifying death sequence, and later a bit of necromancy. Believe it!


Monday, May 15, 2006

I have now read all 7 issues of Infinite Crisis

And my opinion: It was okay. Far from a complete and utter disaster that pleases none but the biggest fanboys and/or knuckledraggers, but not some sort of sequential classic for the ages, either. It does it's job, being a universe-wide superhero continuity fixer-upper, well enough that I was able to read through the whole thing without vomiting profusely.

I liked some of the ideas they had. I even think the stupid Retcon Punch is a better explanation for the various continuity flubs than "uhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhhh...uhhhhhhhhh...just ignore that". Also, at the end, everyone now remembers Crisis on Infinite Earths, so all problems that was created because of the amnesia is officially gone. Not that continuity problems are really all that important to me, for I am of the mentality that continuity is only a problem if the writers let it be a problem.

But with all this mention of Crisis and continuity, you'd probably think this series is only for those well-versed in DCology. And you'd be right. For only those who have encyclopedic comic knowledge will get a real kick out of the series. Everyone else will probably be confused like they were reading Freud in the 3rd grade.

So, yeah, to summarize it as to make your last minute or so of reading my longer review a complete waste of time: It's fanboy fluff. There's far better comic stories, and even way better superhero stories out there, but you're not entering Liefeld territory here. And, hey, 52 looks to spice things up now.

It's to be noted that I haven't read most of the lead-ups, although I really want to check out Day of Vengeance and Villains United and their upcoming post-Crisis series, which all look rather delightful.


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Saturday, May 13, 2006

E3 is over now...

Overall, a nice show this year. The last couple have been rather boring, but I guess new consoles with new big plans and stars in their eyes makes for a better convention. A rundown of the major stuff:

MGS4 looks really nice, even though I've never played a game in the series(I've watched others play it, though. Maybe I should borrow a copy...), but even so, I won't buying a PS3 this year, or probably even next year. It's not eve the price that's preventing me, there's just nothing that personally compels me to spend the money. And then there's that price...

Same thing with the XBox360. I'm sure their showing had lots of stuff that people who already bought one are excited about, but nothing for me. Atleast, as of yet.

Now, as you can see, Sony and Microsoft didn't do anything this year to make me desire to shell out for their hardware. However, I guarantee you, I'll seriously consider whoever gets Street Fighter 4. I only hope it's the one I can afford, or that I discover a new element that can transmute all non-organic material and become rich. Hell, then I could make Street Fighter 4 for whatever system I want. I could even make my own system and have Street Fighter 4 be on that, and I won't let anyone else play with it.

Wii on the other hand, I will be buying, possibly on Day 1. It just struck the right chords with me. It had the ideas that made sense to me, and games that appeal to my sensibilities(except no Street Fighter 4). I'm sure there was another reason, too.... Yeah, that's about all I have to say about that. I hope Monkey Ball is online, so maybe I can MONKEY FIGHT all your faces.

DS is going to kicking ass for the lord for another year. Yoshi's Island 2? Sweet Jazz to my ears. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin? The most comfortable weather there is. Phoenix Wright: Justice for All? Chocolate cake on a stick. I'm very much intrigued by Elite Beat Agents, which has Deep Purple music in it (I just felt that was worth mentioning), and the sequel to NeoGeo Pocket Colour title Cardfighter's Clash, which I downloaded on an emulator and quite enjoyed.

I don't own a PSP, but I can definetly say the number of cool compilations (mostly from Capcom), and a new Ghouls 'N Ghosts intrigue me. Drop the price, and I might consider a purchase.

PS2 and GC had some good stuff, too. Surprising, since both are on the verge of being EX-TERM-E-NATED. GC has Super Paper Mario, and PS2 brings me Okami and Capcom Classics Collection Vol.2(My overview of the first one). So, lots of fun there without spending more money.

I'm going to spend lots of money this year, anyway. But I guess it's atleast for good stuff.

(If you haven't seen the trailer for you-know-what, take a looksee over hee-ra.)

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Waiting is Over...

It's like staring into the face of God, and hearing him tell you that you are his greatest creation.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm still Waiting...

They didn't show Smash Bros. today.

I still have hope, there's 3 days of E3 left.

What did they show? Theres a few ways to find out.


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mad Monkey Sunday

This is now the greatest game of all time.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Visuals: VS Infinite Crisis!

Once again, I bring you a batch of art pieces from the latest VS set, complete with smartass comments. This month gives us DC's Infinite Crisis set, and we have plenty to goo'ness from it.

For starters, here's's two of my favorite characters, finally immortalized on cardboard:

This one wins for most creepy:

Most futile:

I know, Dr.Psycho, when it comes to mind control you're all that and a bag of potato chips, but there's two things wrong with forcing WW to throw herself off a building:
(1).She can fly.
(2).She's pretty tough. I don't falling off a building at normal velocity's gonna hurt her that much.
But I'm just nitpicking. Continue your activity.

YA GONNA GET....Oh, wait...

Biggest dissapointment:

When I think Mordru, I think "Legion villain that looks like Santa Clause". Why don't you look like Santa Clause, Mordru?

I haven't read The Killing Joke yet(I'M ON IT!), but this image just kicks ass.

Maddest Black Woman:

You really should get a diary. Then the referencta is complete!

Biggest Ouch:



Best references:

You can tell these guys are gamers. Even though Mortal Kombat still blows.

I was informed the gadgets listed there are from a certain arcade game involving Hunting and Spies.


Biggest Surprises:

Hurray, out of use Fawcett characters! And their turbans!

Hurray, really, really old Egyptian couples!

Most nude:

Alot better than nude Genis-Vell, eh?

This is second creepiest:


This is another ouch:

Biggest Spoiler:

And finally, winner of best character. Ever:


The Kid's All Right

As you already should know, I consider myself a fan of Doctor Who. As such, I oftentimes go on internet research binges on this and many other of my favorite subjects. Recently, I came upon this nugget of information.
Apparently, British children contested to design a new monster to appear on Doctor Who. One kid won and his creation, the beautiful Abzorbaloff pictured above, will be featured in one of the Season 2 episodes. I think this is really cool. I would sell the souls of 100 innoccents to get an oppurtunity right that.
It reminds me of how all the Mega Man games after the first had all their bosses designed by fans. I really must find and hug the person who created Heat Man, and then find the guy who created Flame Man and hit him with a Qur'Ran.
Anyways, I can't wait to see the Abzorbaloff in action, as I am sure it will be scary in a way that a hand-drawn picture in pencil crayon cannot possibly convey.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More Drama

I really hate it when people call out to me when they see me walking on the street, even if I know them. It just freaks me out.

Oh well, atleast I can be cheered up by Jar Barf.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Hilarious Obscure Comic Characters: Cloud!

From The Gay League(Yes it is):
A sentient nebula, destined to evolve into a star within the next thousand millennia, Cloud came to Earth as a condensed human-sized nucleus to seek superhuman aid when the stars in its region of space began to mysteriously disappear. Arriving upon Earth, Cloud attempted to rescue two teenage lovers, Carol Faber and Danny Milligan, from an automobile accident. A telepathic link was inadvertently forged between the two humans and Cloud, who became an amnesiac teenage girl identical to Faber. Brainwashed by the Secret Empire, Cloud clashed with the super-team known as the Defenders, eventually rebelling against her masters and joining the team.

When she fell in love with the female Moondragon, Cloud was tormented by these "inappropriate" feelings until her subconscious enabled her to change into male form (which was identical to Milligan); however, her/his love was not enough to prevent Moondragon from falling prey to the evil influence of the Dragon of the Moon, and Cloud, still troubled by this new ability and unsure of what it meant regarding her/his true nature, later turned her/his attention to another fellow Defender, Iceman. Eventually regaining her/his memories and, with the help of the Defenders, returning to the vanished stars, Cloud returned to her/his original state as a nebula; appearing briefly in Solo Avengers to help the recovering Moondragon, Cloud evidently prefers her female manifestation, since she uses it to interact with humans on this occasion.

Presumably Cloud continues to exist somewhere in the further regions of space, doing whatever it is that nebulas do.

Past Obscure Oddballs:
Congo Bill
Leezle Pon