Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Planet Puzzle League

Damn Router, forcing me to move back to the desk computer until I get it fixed/get a new one >:(

Anyway, I bought Planet Puzzle League for the DS yesterday. If you did not know this already, it is the DS version of Tetris Attack. If you did not know already, Tetris Attack is a perfect thing of pure happiness. Angels do not cry tears of joy, they cry copies of Tetris Attack.

The aesthetic for the game is quite similar to the DS' other awesome puzzle game, Meteos, which means trippy backgrounds and odd techno music. Veterans will be happy to hear that the touch screen controls actually work really well, but if they ever so feel like it, they can use normal controls. Plus, it's online.

Seriously, it's totally worth buying it. Maybe even 5 copies, so you can hand it to random strangers.



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