Saturday, June 16, 2007


Hellboy 2 sounds so awesome. I had inklings of the plot before, but I recently read a script review, and wow. All the dissapointment in the lack of Roger (but inclusion of Johann, so not too bad) or Lobster Johnson has dissipated in the face of awesome that is what I read. GDT is king of awesome.

I also find Pixar's next movie, Wall-e, absolutely fascinating. As I mentioned before, I love robots, so it already had that going for it. But the plot actually sounds interesting and different. I mean, they want to make the first third of the movie sans dialogue, and then make fun of humanity by turning them into immobile blobs in the future.

So, yeah, despite completely failing to see all of the big summer movies yet, I am starting to look at next year's crop, which also has The Dark Knight and Iron Man.

In other movie news, I was dissapointed to hear that Rise of the Silver Surfer is not much of an improvement over the first FF movie. So either you still like it or you still don't like it. Not being a fan of the first, I figure I'll intentionally sit out of it. Oh, and I'm not pissed at all about Cloudlactus, no matter how much like Sun-Eater it is.

Finally, spoilers for Doctor Who fans....

The Master is back.

I can't wait for CBC to pick up Season 3.



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