Sunday, September 30, 2007

More creativity

The idea: use most of the video footage I've accumulated over the years (which has quickly eaten away about 6 gigs of memory) in one video. A music video was made because I just had to link the images and sound somewhat. The song was chosen because it was the first really upbeat song I could think of. I thought it worked pretty good. My jaw dropped after seeing how well some of it synced.

Edit: For your information, the 4 jackasses who appear dancing, sledding, biking, etc. are my friends, footage taken 2 years ago (although the sledding was last year). I'm the one having things thrown at him.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Return of the Image Host Dig Post

I've been too busy this week. Almost had a freak out. Should be okay now.

You probably expect to be entertained, don't you? Well, I guess I could pull out a cheapie. Let's take another look at the random stuff I shove into my image host o' choice:

Only the greatest picture of all time.

But it makes me long for Improved Archie. Damn YOU COPYRIGHT LAWS!

Literary classic.

No wait, THIS is the greatest picture of all time.

Aw, back when I was starting to learn how to use Paint.Net, because Photoshop costs money.

I thought it was pretty clever at the time. (Source o' original pic)

That's all I have? Even I'm disappointed.

Anyway, new video project. The same as the before ones, but different!


Friday, September 21, 2007


I probably should've posted this earlier, but here be the article and comic strip I had published in the new issue of The Quill:

I was reading some older issues and found a letter to the editor complaining about the direction of The Quill at that time (early 2003). They also complained about the comics, done by someone I know. I wonder if my useless junk articles and insane/inane comic strips, this one working quite well with the art editor's Catholic Priest-flavoured comics, will get the same level of hate mail? Maybe when next time, when I plan to make fun of Tim Roller...

Anyway, for your enjoyment, the many things a wannabe writer with autistic tendencies does with his free time:

1) THE SERIES SYNOPSIS - I've had comic book concepts cooking for years, and now that I have some level of confidence in my ability to have coherent ideas, I feel like writing it down in a permanent way. Of course, I still edit and rethink the things constantly, but I still like to get my general character profiles and story ideas recorded.

2)MAKIN' VIJAGAMES - Continuing since I was like 6 or 7, I often still do basic design work for video games, most of the time based on the series profiled in those synopses. Often, these video games are there just for me to have something entertaining to imagine while doing menial work. More recently, it's been mostly arcade-style beat-em-ups and Smash Bros.-style fighting games (go figure) featuring my universe of crazy characters. Since I can't think of my own music, these games always feature music from other games or David Bowie.

3)Looking up old cartoons on wikipedia, because you only come across true gems like The Turk once in a blue moon. The best ideas I use in stolen/parody form in activity #1.

4)Making blog posts that drone on and on about things nobody cares about.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007





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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Whaddya know, I got plugged by a podcast, as my online persona helped one of the casters figure out the name of an obscure Marvel comics character. It is definitely a good show, so if you have any interest in the VS card game, listen to it. REGULARLY.

Also on the agenda: The suspenseful wait to see if I submitted my comic strip in the right size for it to be published in the next Quill. I know I got my half-sincere-half-sarcastic overview of Googlism. All of my future website reviews will be mostly sarcastic, though (how can I not do so when faced with the infamy of Tim Roller?)

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Get Behind My Satan Made Of Clay

Okay, I remember coming across this movie, The Adventures of Mark Twain, on TV a few years ago. It's a claymation movie that combines a bizarre wraparound, wherein the famous author takes his most famous creations (Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, ya' illiterate) on a journey to Haley's Comet via flying machine. In the end, Mark Twain's evil alter ego attempts to sabotage the flight, and then the both halves of Mr. Clemens fuses with Haley's Comet. I wonder why this film doesn't have a bigger cult following...

Anyway, apparently this clip from it has been making the rounds. Either I missed this section, or completely forget. I don't believe I would forget something as bizarre as this, though...

Yeesh. For the record, this was based on Mark Twain's uncompleted The Mysterious Stranger. According to the description, this movie is banned in places. Where, and why, I don't know. Obviously not up here, or at least up here before a few years ago.

I had to post this. Not only do I have a connection to this, but this kind of weirdness is right up my alley.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

It. Is. DONE.

After several days, here is my non-contribution to the Internet world of random clip assortment:

Not to say I won't edit it further if the need calls for it (for example, if other people think the Rush song in the middle is not loud enough). Certain parts I actually think turned out rather well (or the best that this sub-sub-class of cinema 'art' can achieve). I only hope the viewers will enjoy it.

For additional information and time wasting:

Here's the community of people who make these types of videos (which I probably won't be joining, at least not now).

Here's a blog post trying to explain these videos in artistic terms. You tell me whether or not this is successful in any way.

Here's the Urban Dictionary entry for Youtube Poop. This is to hurt your mind and soul.

Now, back to school and King Leopold's Ghost!

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Reasons why Youtube sucks

#1 - They won't let me upload the Flash movie I made >:( I went through around 10 different converters to try and make it a compatible format, but the ones that worked at all put a stupid watermark in the corner. I spent all of Saturday night cooking up this incredibly stupid, simplistic Flash anti-masterpiece, and dammit, I want to share it with those who could care less!

Oh well, if I can't share that sooner than later, I've been gathering random clips to make one of those 'Youtube Poops' (examples being this and this). You have to be at a certain level of stupidity, drug usage, or tiredness to find these things funny. I don't know which of these things I'd fall under. Maybe all of them.

It's another level, however, to even try to make one. On one hand, it's not that hard to collect random clips, throw them together and use bizarre video effects and repetition ad nauseum. On the other hand, it's easy to make it incredibly

Wish me luck, or that I find sense at some point.