Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Weekend Update

I guess you want to know how my weekend of games went? It was good and fun.

First game: Apples to Apples. More like a 'normal' board game, one they would even advertise on TV!, than most of the other nerd stuff. It's a fun word association game, and with the proper crowd it can be a great time.

Second game: Age of Mythology. Surprisingly, I did pretty well at this game. To be fair, it was because I spent most of the game hoarding buildings while only once successfully smiting an opposing army with my Norse Forces. Very fun game, with many pieces that can choke small children!

Third game: Horrorclix. Finally got to play this. I used a pre-made team of ghosts. My Evil Cosmonaut, Scarecrow, and Asylum Spirit all survived the first game, but got wiped out by vampires in the second. Oh well. Got plenty of free stuff for the game, so a winner is me.

Finale: Heroclix. The big mamajamma thing. Got absolutely destroyed in almost all three rounds. Oh well, I don't play very often, don't have as many new figures, and just plain suck. Again, lots of free stuff, so it really doesn't matter.

Speaking of Heroclix, I spent this time buying many packs. I was lucky enough to pull the very rare Wizard Shazam figure, as well as that Owlman figure I nominated as the 'best piece of anti-matter' last year.

I think I may start buying these regularly again, or at least a few when a new set comes out (which is in two weeks!)

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At 5:40 p.m., Anonymous Judy! said...

Anything that chokes small children must be good.


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