Friday, July 24, 2009


Last night's dream seems to be a rehash of another dream I had recently, in which I am at work and have to hide in the back. The reason for this is that apparently some sort of important monarchical figure is there, and he's my exact double (I think). Why I was the one who needed to hide is not known, although I'm sure my dream logic included a villainous uncle or duke or something.
Also in the dream: missing the bus downtown, visiting an Oktoberfest-style event in the back of the store, and the dairy cooler being cleaned and flooded.

You know what I realized? All these generic stories involving troubles with royal succession and evil jerks trying to take over whatever...none of these problems would exist if these magical kingdoms embraced democracy. Let's see Jafar try to take over the land when he has to get on the good side of special interest groups!



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