Friday, June 22, 2007

Good Lord, I'm stuck in a time loop

Despite all my attempts to mature mentally, I can't seem to not pay attention to what's happening with fucking Digimon. Yes, I know the story is two months old and in that time I wasn't paying attention, but a recent forum topic got me to check back. It's even worse that now that I know there's another season coming, and it will likely be picked up by a Canadian network, I'll more likely than not catch it every once in a while. I could go through a Cronenberg marathon and not be fully redeemed.

I will never escape the age of 12. Unless I'm fortunate enough that canvas life and sociology courses will beat that shit out of me.

This title also seemed appropriate, as my friends and I spent last night listening to vintage records on the player my friend recieved for his birthday. If playing Smash Bros. to The Rolling Stone's Some Girls is not a complete representation of my life, I could probably think of something else, but it's still a pretty good representation.

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