Thursday, July 24, 2008


The title looks like Ziggy, a bit.

I ordered Jump Ultimate Stars from the Internet, so it should provide me my DS-related jollies for awhile now that my FFT game is close to completion.

You know, I often belittle many of the properties involved in JUS, and their fans. But in the setting of a Smash Bros.-esque fighter with customizable elements, I can overlook my distaste for all things Naruto. Plus, there's enough other stuff that I have literally no knowledge of or tolerate or maybe even like on a conceptual level (I don't read this shit) to make it worthwhile. Plus, I played the first one when the local rental place had it for inexplicable reasons and enjoyed it.

Speaking of manga, there's an Anime Convention in Winnipeg this weekend. If you happen to be an anime fan in Winnipeg, enjoy yourself. I'll be keeping a safe distance.

The same newspaper that had the supplement that told me of the conventions has also been running reviews of the Winnipeg Fringe Festival which I enjoy reading. I may go to a fringe some day. Sounds like a gas.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008


I may have figured out Adobe Premier. It's so weird using a video editing program that isn't terrible.

So, I have seen no movies this summer. And chances are, unless I see them by myself or with people who wanted another go, I won't see the ones already released. Sigh. I guess there's still Stepbrothers and Pineapple Express.

The Winnipeg papers but sometimes be filled with silly things. The columnist, who is old, wrote an article talking about how Canada loses it's "nice guy" image because a member of The Barenaked Ladies was arrested on charges of possessing cocaine. I know the column had a joking tone, but it's still kinda dumb. I mean, someone with cocaine? That would be shocking - in the 50s.

The columnist has been kinda dumb before. He once went on a tangent about how awesome classical music is, and ends up comparing Fiddy Cent to BOB FUCKING DYLAN. His point would make more sense if his one of his main targets was actually considered anything other than shit.

Also, Winnipeg is so desperate for attention, they will literally claim every person, living or dead, real or fictional, is connected to them. A couple years ago, it was Homer Simpson. This week, it's James Bond, because the person who may have been the inspiration for Ian Fleming's books was an orphan in Winnipeg. DON'T YOU SEE, WINNIPEG DESERVES YOUR ADORATION AND TOURISM DOLLARS IGNORE THE SKEETERS THIS IS THE HOME OF BOND, JAMES BOND MUTHERFUCKER.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, the big game news show has generally been a bust. With the exception of the announcement that spawned a million tears and a million laughs, nothing of particular interest has been announced. This is mostly because the publishers figured it was a waste of money and only need a half-hearted showing for some cheap media buzz, and also because the guys actually making interesting games couldn't give a fuck at all. E3 may still live on for tradition, but it's become quite obvious that it's outlived it's purpose, and it's designation as Christmas Day for game nerds such as myself gone for good.

Oh, I guess it's still going. But I doubt anything will come out of those extra days.


Monday, July 14, 2008


Now, this could go in my other blog thing, but I think it would make more sense to put it here, as to make myself look like one of the big boy comic bloggers.

Today, I speak of comic book format and distribution, and what is good, and what I would like to use.

Now, as you may or may not know, I want to make some comic books. And while it's all well and good to think about the actual comics themselves and try desperately to find some point in the wreckage I call stories, I also must think about how this comic will actually be published. There are many options available to one for comic publishing in this age, but there are certainly better ideas than others.

Let us first peer at what these different formats are, and if I'm missing something, oh well:

*The Floppy - The normal comic book you see on shelves (mostly comic shops). Around 30 pages in length, these were once the premier format, but have since fallen out of prominence, mostly due to price (caused by upping paper quality, among others) and the fact that you just can't find most of them on shelves on non-specialty stores. Still, unlike others, I still think it has its place.

*The Magazine - A little bit all over the place, the magazine features several, usually full-sized stories in one book. This could mean a massive phonebook like that Shonen Jump hullabaloo the kids actually read these days, or it could something smaller, like some of the Marvel reprint books they put out now (and the old stuff like the Rampaging Hulk). Generally printed in black and white to offset costs, they are a good way to get people interested in a variety of books, as they may buy the mag for one and end up liking the others. Surprisingly less costly than the floppies, and popular all over the place.

*The British Magazine - Not that much different from the normal magazine format, but instead of full stories, you usually get 6-page strips. And it's usually weekly. 2000 AD is like this.

*The Digest Magazine - Pretty much the same as the magazine format as well, but much smaller. You know those little Archie books you see in the supermarket? Anyway, this format is one of the most largely distributed among all comics. At one point, DC did it with comics like Legion of Superheroes (in the 80s, when it was one of the most popular comics around), and Marvel sometimes does it now with stuff like Runaways. Basically, its good for reprint material or maybe making it easier to convince mainstream markets to sell it.

*The Online Comic - Now, here's the new age thing to do, and there's many ways to go about it. You could post the actual comic on a website, maybe a page a day or something, for free. You could offer a downloadable file or files. You could make it free, you could charge for it. Of course, everyone calls it the wave of the future of comics, and it probably is.

So, I have several choices to go through when pursuing a foolish career in comic books. However, it is to be said that I'd be an idiot not to stay ahead of the game and go online. Like I said, wave of the future and all that. The only problem comes in with distribution - will it be on the website itself, or be downloadable? Charge or no? The latter is easy: I will make more friends offering it for free and making money off of other things (like trades, because everything online or no, people still sometimes like physical product). Not that I plan on making comics to make money, or even make money. The former requires a bit more thought, but I think CBR files or something along those lines make more sense, as they offer more freedom to the reader (zooming in and out to actually SEE things), and don't require me to develop some sort of sophisticated flash program to do the same (and when I say I'd develop it, I mean, someone else would develop it). I know the future!

But, back to the physical stuff, it still has its place. I could easily use it as an entry level product - get people who don't know about the site to pick up a book at the store, and then visit the site. It could work!

The format I'd like to pursue is the magazine, just because it might be cheaper, and it allows people to see my vast array of terrible ideas at work. One or two full-length series along with some shorter stories works well enough. Hell, I could use it to help promote my fellow comic guys by printing their stories in there, too! I'm a nice guy. A nice guy who wants full control, but a nice guy nonetheless.

In general, most comics are either moving online (as slowly as possible, but they'll all get there eventually) or just straight-up graphic novels, which get to go to book stores. I still want to pursue serial comics, so online (with printed supplements) is the way for me!

What, you were expecting actual commentary on comics format? Gimme a break. Why would you come here for that?

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Friday, July 11, 2008


I have new albums by Beck and Sloan, yet in the three or four days I've owned them, I've only listened to them once. What...what's wrong with me?

Okay, now I have nothing to talk about. Greeeeeat.

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Monday, July 07, 2008


The one idea I wish I could have thought of? Living planets. Stuff like Ego (who has planet-sized beard!) and Mogo (He is a superhero who is also a planet). Really, I find that any large inanimate body gaining sentience is a really entertaining concept for fiction. Planets and other astral bodies (when my friend and I were fucking around with making an entire tabletop roleplaying game, he designed a bunch of monsters, including the Moon), but also things like streets (again, I love Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol for many a reason, this included), buildings, and trains (which is something I've been developing).

Now that FFTA2 is out, I thought that the only game I'm really looking forward to is Soul Calibur IV. "But wait!" I remembered, "Isn't there not one, but TWO Capcom fighting games coming out in the future?" And lo and behold, there were. I saw that Alex from Street Fighter III (possibly my favorite fighting game) was added to the cast of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, which is indeed awesome because Alex is a fun character to play as. That game is actually shaping up nicely, and it looks like it has two on two gameplay (like, actual two and two, with everyone out), which is pretty awesome. Eeeeee I'm excited about videogames once more.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

...oh yes, computer...

I got Final Fantasy Tactics A2 last week. I've been playing it since. 22 hours so far. That's the power these strategy-RPGs have over me.

It's the same addiction as before. I love customizing my team, finding the right classes and making the right combination of abilities. Plus, it has more classes! And some of the changes make gaining abilities quicker. Some other stuff, like controlling land through auctions and being able to dispatch groups to more missions (meaning I get to skip some of the more annoying/boring missions), are good and help streamline the experience even more.

There are problems, too. Sprites haven't been updated much. Wireless trading is worthless. Having to unlock certain classes is limiting. New law system is in some ways less annoying than before, and in some ways even more annoying (and some of the laws are based on pure random occurrences). But it doesn't really matter to me, as they don't detract from the underlying gameplay that I do so love. Yes, I'm a fanboy too, sometimes.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


This weekend, I went to Moosomin, Saskatchewan. It's got one thing most small towns don't - a KFC/Pizza Hut. So, that's three KFC combinations I've seen in my lifetime. Maybe I will be able to complete the checklist:

[X] KFC/Taco Bell
[X] KFC/Pizza Hut
[ ] KFC/Long John Silver's
[ ] KFC/Krispy Kreme
[ ] KFC/JC Penny
[ ] KFC/GM
[ ] KFC/DC
[ ] KFC/Djibouti
[ ] KFC/Magitek
[ ] KFC/Dimension X
[ ] KFC/New Guardians
[ ] KFC/Sea Devils

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