Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Anger and Hate

Unless you haven't been paying attention, I've changed my Simply Smashing blog to Chamber of Dread. My initial posts give a really poor example of what it's about, unfortunately. It's pretty much just a place to write down my creative process, where I spawn a bunch of half-assed ideas that will abandoned in the neat future. Okay, that's not entirely true. Some of them will go all the way to some poor publisher who will burn them as an effigy to some loser's lack of talent. So, they will still be half-assed ideas, just fully-realized half-assed ideas. Also, instead of here, I will post all the inane videos over there, and maybe links to my published works (because some are desperate enough to publish them). It might be fun to subject people to it, I don't know.

Here is an article by Devin Faraci, attempting to distinguish himself from the the annoying uber nerds. Whether or not you find his article successful, it's a subject all us nerds need to take to heart. I may be a loser, but I'm a loser with standards! I refuse to associate myself with cosplayers and people who get mad when Beast man is voiced by a black man or something stupid like that.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sadness and Anger

Good God, I've found some Garfield strips funny. Namely, this one and this one. They are certainly the oddest I've seen in a while. Maybe Jim Davis is overworking his robots, and this is the result. I'm guessing Jon is going through some mood swings - the depression in the first leading to the anger in the second. Or...something.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

High Octane!

It's feeling very close to Spring-like. I'm so haaaaaappy.

Just as a warning, my year-long Smash Bros. blog, having fulfilled it's purpose, will soon be converted to something else. Most of the original posts will be kept in the archive. As for the new one? Let's just say that all you people who loved reading my Brawl opinions will be very, very dissapointed.

That is all for now. I guess I could make fun of Kingdom Hearts' characters some more, but do you really want that? Have the wee children not suffered enough?

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Friday, March 14, 2008

uh yeah

I think you know what's been going down lately. If any of you loyal readers would like to partake in some Smashing with yours truly, say so in the comments and we'll work something out.

What about those recent pics of the Watchmen movie (I don't feel like linking, and it's not it'll be hard for you top find them)? For the most part...they are okay. Rorschach, the Comedian, and Silk Spectre look as they should (albeit, how can one screw up the Rorschach design, short of turning it green and giving it a thousand belts or some stupid crap like that). Nite Owl...looks a little to Batman-ish for my tastes. Ozymandias' rubber costume is rather ridiculous. Just Doc Manhattan left to either make me wary or make me excited (I don't think I should avoid the movie, even if it does look underwhelming. Fanboy regulation, you see). No matter, though. The main obstacles for this being a successful adaptation is in the script.

Speaking of designs, I like to make of the fun of the characters in Kingdom Hearts. I played through the first one a while ago, had a decent time with it. but can understand why others didn't. No matter how much I like the game itself, though, the main characters are insanely insipid.

Sora would appear to be the conventional Square protagonist, if not for the clown shoes and penchant to be somewhat happy. Still, spiky hair? Check. Love interest with the personality of a stump? Check. Dull-haired rival with uninteresting motivations? Oh, I'm checking that twice. Speaking of which...

Riku: So boring, it'll be a challenge writing a full paragraph about him without falling asleep at the keyboard. He's not just a stock RPG character, he's a stock character in all forms of Japanese fiction. Why is that? Why must there always be one like him? At least give him like, red hair or something. Spice things up a bit.

And now...THE GIRLFRIEND. Aw, Kairi. For most of the first game, you were a vegetable. A vegetable both retarded protagonist and his secret butt buddy/rival/friend/villain/anti-hero/worthless character want to fuck, you can tell. Which is fairly disturbing on it's own. Except, it's not, because Kairi has as much personality in a coma that she does awake and alert. In fact, she may have more. At the very least, she serves a greater purpose during her coma as the human macguffin than she does any other time as the character nobody gives a damn about. Unfortunately, unlike her template Aeris, she doesn't get impaled at any point in the game.

So there's my rant about a 6-year-old game. Never played the sequel, didn't like the first one enough to really want to, TRON-inclusion aside. It introduced a bunch of black-robed characters, who I'm sure are developed studies of the human psyche. Or maybe one of them is basically anime Trapjaw.

So there you go, I deliver once again.

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Friday, March 07, 2008


Quick overview of Audiosurf: it is good. got the free demo, want more. Don't want to spend money. Probably will eventually.

Oh lord it's coming. So soon. The wait is finally over. I can finally die knowing I lived to have it.

(If you're a new reader and don't know what I'm talking about, a bloo bloo bloo for you then.)

I finally sent away my laptop. If they determine that it broke because I'm an idiot, however, they won't fix it for free. This is likely to happen.

I thought I was going to talk about something, but now I can't remember what it was.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Stop the Presses...Please

Pullquote from Now! Magazine for some movie...I can't remember which one.


Thanks, Now! Magazine

Quote from Dateline NBC while doing a segment on another missing kid.

"Here is the last photo taken. Clearly, an adorable child."

Thanks, Dateline NBC.

This has actually been one of the dumbest Dateline segments I've seen.


Visuals - DC Heroclix: Crisis!

Ah, been a while since I did one of these.

Now, I would have done one for the Marvel Legends Vs. set, but I unfortunately came down with the lazies. I also would have done one for the DC Legends Vs. set, but none of my sources have uploaded all the card pics yet (and it came out three months ago!). That's all the excuses I'm willing to provide today. Come back tomorrow and I may be up for more.

Now, the subject today is the newest DC Heroclix set, based around all the little comic crises over the past twenty years, with a smattering of Teen Titans and Metal Men, plus some welcome and not-so-welcome additions. But hey, it's all about cracking easy jokes, so let's get to that.

Note 1: His name is 'Accomplished Perfect Physician'
Note 2: He is a Chinese superhero
Note 3: Pick up some turkey for cold cuts


It's Aqualad. What else do you want me to do?

Black Adam: Ruler of Caramel Skull Mountain


Old science geek that can't walk without assistance: Intimidating supervillain!

Oh lordy, they're finally making the Royal Flush Gang.

I'm...I'm going to have to sit down.

You're the best/around/nothing ever going to keep ya down

(You figure it out)

I don't know.

Continuing the trend of intimidating figures...it's Speedy! A kid! With a boxing glove arrow! I'm sure that Anti-Monitor you just bought is quaking!


Is he carrying a pot of rice?

Even scarier than Speedy!

Oh. I mean, yay, more Doom Patrol!

Okay, let's take a break from joking for just one moment. I gotta say, this is a great sculpt concept. Kudos.

Hey, Uncle Sam! He's so ridiculous, you can't hate him!

Didn't feel as meaty as some of the ones I've done in the past. But oh well. You can't expect me to want to put effort into things a week before Brawl comes out! You just can't! You just can't! You just can't...

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