Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Creative writing is just "there", but sort of refreshing because I am forced to actually write stuff instead of just daydreaming about it.

On one hand the project I recently finished for it has the beginnings of the evolution of my style. On the other hand, it still feels a bit lacking. Hopefully I will improve that, because I plan on doing something similar to it for my final project.

Ohhhhh faculty strike at school. First week will be used to get as much work done as possible, but more than one week and we're looking at a fucked up year. And then I will angered, and will write something slightly perturbed in the paper, I tell you what!

Oh and I guess Nintendo news on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Last year at this time they revealed Sonic in Smash Bros., but since there's nothing possibly akin to that this year, I have no expectations (I didn't even have expectations for anything last year, and then look what happened!) I decided to stop expecting videogame shit to happen, and just let it happen. Becomes more exciting that way. So no, unlike every Nintendo fanboy out on the webz expecting Kid Icarus to come back (HINT: It's never going to happen), I'll just wait and see what they'll actually show, not expect them to cater to my nerd whims.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh boyzzz

The symbol trend is over...for NOW.

Now, for a nerdy stupid topic!

It was announced recently that Tatsunoko vs Capcom would be coming to the Wii (which had been rumored/speculated upon for a couple months now). Of course, as with all announcements when it comes to videogames, it was followed by Internet complainers (just the way it is). Now, I'm pretty sure most of the complaining, unlike most, is understandable: the Wii is region-locked, so that means the game can't be imported unless you mod your console. Reasonable.

Of course, the translation has bonus features, which I'm sure hardcore whiners made some time to cry about.

For example, it has an option for 'simplified controls'. Now, I don't know how these simplified controls work, but I say I don't hate the idea at all. One, simplified controls means that it might easier to work with the default Wii Remote controller. Second, I can say, from experience, simplified control schemes in Capcom's fighting games actually, generally do work. I mean, I started playing Vs. fighting games with Marvel Superheroes vs. Street Fighter on the PS1, which had simplified controls that I used. It made it fun for me as a first-timer, and ultimately I learned the hadouken motion that is now permanently lodged in my brain. Plus, it and the one in Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO (yes I got the GC one, that was the only console I had at the time!) allowed my group of non-fighting game-playing friends to get into the game and have a good time. No, most of them didn't end up like me, but so what? Fighting games are more fun with human opponents, and having that option gives a chance for more human opponents.

The other special feature is a little weirder, and little more...shall we say, stereotypical of Wii games; that being the inclusion of Wiimote Mini games. Now, personally, the concept doesn't offend me at all. If there's one thing fighting game conversions seem to lack, its extra features. Just that little something extra. (On another note, I wish more fighting games came with a tournament mode of some sort. When Super Street Fighter 2 and fucking Clay Fighter 2 have it, I don't see why its such a fucking effort for today's fighters). The games themselves might be crap, but I have no problem with them giving you more bang for your buck.

The math game in there, however, is odd. It seems to be pandering to an audience the least likely to pick up the game. But, apparently Tatsunoko is a pretty big family brand, so maybe its just giving another enticement for all those grownups who watched the shows as kids but don't play videogames. I don't know.

In any case, the actual game looks fun. Go to Youtube and look up the videos.


Thursday, September 11, 2008


Chirp Chirp.

Stupid important things in life preventing me from updating dis sheeit.

Finished Godland. It is good. Funny, thoroughly Kirby-inspired art, and moves at a good pace so you never get bored. I await future books.

Important stuff is entering my free thought space, and it's making me go crazy! Oh well, most of my responsibilities are on vacation for another day or so, so I'm good for a while now.

Reading Howard's End for school. It straddles the line between the upper-class snooty British novels that people often make fun of and the more cynical, mean-spirited British novels that I've become a fan and style-thief of (Adams). So in that way I wouldn't call it a favorite of mine, but it is interesting at points, especially when the narrator suddenly becomes a real person. A real person who not only knows what every character does and thinks, but also buys fruit. That's a bit nuts.

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Friday, September 05, 2008


It's supposed to be a mosquito. Or something. It actually kind of reminds me of Poindexter from the Felix the Cat cartoons.

So yes, week of school and trying to get newspaper stuff together. Almost had a freakout from all the shit, but I pulled meself together and have it pretty much all figured out.

The first book of the year is Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent, about a bunch of unlikable weirdos in the anarchist movement. Of course there's more to it than that, but that's all you're getting. Naaaaah!

Finally saw The Big Lebowski. It is indeed an inventive comedy. I can see why everyone likes it so much, but I respect it more than absolutely adore it.

My friend inspired me to go on a Bowie kick with him. I've thus listened to Aladdin Sane and "Heroes", and am currently downloading a complete version of Ziggy Stardust (I was missing some of the songs and just wanted the best quality I could get) and Lodger. This is the best bender I've ever had, I think. Who needs new albums!

I ordered three books from Amazon (the first time I've done it), and it was in fact very cheap and arrived quickly. I know they will be receiving my business the next time I want to get something semi-obscure (and maybe some things that are obscure, but in a town where even the slightest hint of obscurity gets you not carried anywhere, the order of obscurity in the things I get is of no consequence). I will read my shiny new Godland and Scud books once order has been restored to the force.

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