Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I see people who want to buy/have bought of the Watchmen motion comic, and I honestly wonder WHY. I have come up with the following theories:

1) They are big fans of the old Marvel Superhero 'cartoons' ("The ever-lovin' Hulk! Hulk! Hulk!")

2) They have a secret love of Reading Rainbow, but feel they must watch something slightly more mature in order to avoid possible public embarrassment.

3) They are collectors who will buy anything branded with a name. In which case, they deserve to have their money siphoned away.

4) They are lazy-asses who can't even read a damn comic.

5) They honestly think this will be a different experience from reading the comic. Whether they came to this conclusion through ignorance or marketing trickery may vary from person to person.


You know what I've figured out? The reason most of the Mega Man bosses are so memorable is because they were originally designed by children. Only children have the imagination to come with things so entertainingly simple (I mean, Heat Man is a zippo, that's pretty inspired). I mean, the guys at Capcom ultimately put the designs through their redrawing/standardization process, but they are smart enough to let the original child-like 'feel' of the characters shine through.

As someone who still likes drawing robots, it is something hard to capture in my age.


Oh yeah, last issue of Planetary is out in October. The last full book might make it in March of next year, if Amazon's prediction (they had the date up before the release of the last issue of announced) comes true.

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