Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Kid's All Right

As you already should know, I consider myself a fan of Doctor Who. As such, I oftentimes go on internet research binges on this and many other of my favorite subjects. Recently, I came upon this nugget of information.
Apparently, British children contested to design a new monster to appear on Doctor Who. One kid won and his creation, the beautiful Abzorbaloff pictured above, will be featured in one of the Season 2 episodes. I think this is really cool. I would sell the souls of 100 innoccents to get an oppurtunity right that.
It reminds me of how all the Mega Man games after the first had all their bosses designed by fans. I really must find and hug the person who created Heat Man, and then find the guy who created Flame Man and hit him with a Qur'Ran.
Anyways, I can't wait to see the Abzorbaloff in action, as I am sure it will be scary in a way that a hand-drawn picture in pencil crayon cannot possibly convey.



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