Saturday, May 13, 2006

E3 is over now...

Overall, a nice show this year. The last couple have been rather boring, but I guess new consoles with new big plans and stars in their eyes makes for a better convention. A rundown of the major stuff:

MGS4 looks really nice, even though I've never played a game in the series(I've watched others play it, though. Maybe I should borrow a copy...), but even so, I won't buying a PS3 this year, or probably even next year. It's not eve the price that's preventing me, there's just nothing that personally compels me to spend the money. And then there's that price...

Same thing with the XBox360. I'm sure their showing had lots of stuff that people who already bought one are excited about, but nothing for me. Atleast, as of yet.

Now, as you can see, Sony and Microsoft didn't do anything this year to make me desire to shell out for their hardware. However, I guarantee you, I'll seriously consider whoever gets Street Fighter 4. I only hope it's the one I can afford, or that I discover a new element that can transmute all non-organic material and become rich. Hell, then I could make Street Fighter 4 for whatever system I want. I could even make my own system and have Street Fighter 4 be on that, and I won't let anyone else play with it.

Wii on the other hand, I will be buying, possibly on Day 1. It just struck the right chords with me. It had the ideas that made sense to me, and games that appeal to my sensibilities(except no Street Fighter 4). I'm sure there was another reason, too.... Yeah, that's about all I have to say about that. I hope Monkey Ball is online, so maybe I can MONKEY FIGHT all your faces.

DS is going to kicking ass for the lord for another year. Yoshi's Island 2? Sweet Jazz to my ears. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin? The most comfortable weather there is. Phoenix Wright: Justice for All? Chocolate cake on a stick. I'm very much intrigued by Elite Beat Agents, which has Deep Purple music in it (I just felt that was worth mentioning), and the sequel to NeoGeo Pocket Colour title Cardfighter's Clash, which I downloaded on an emulator and quite enjoyed.

I don't own a PSP, but I can definetly say the number of cool compilations (mostly from Capcom), and a new Ghouls 'N Ghosts intrigue me. Drop the price, and I might consider a purchase.

PS2 and GC had some good stuff, too. Surprising, since both are on the verge of being EX-TERM-E-NATED. GC has Super Paper Mario, and PS2 brings me Okami and Capcom Classics Collection Vol.2(My overview of the first one). So, lots of fun there without spending more money.

I'm going to spend lots of money this year, anyway. But I guess it's atleast for good stuff.

(If you haven't seen the trailer for you-know-what, take a looksee over hee-ra.)

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