Monday, May 15, 2006

I have now read all 7 issues of Infinite Crisis

And my opinion: It was okay. Far from a complete and utter disaster that pleases none but the biggest fanboys and/or knuckledraggers, but not some sort of sequential classic for the ages, either. It does it's job, being a universe-wide superhero continuity fixer-upper, well enough that I was able to read through the whole thing without vomiting profusely.

I liked some of the ideas they had. I even think the stupid Retcon Punch is a better explanation for the various continuity flubs than "uhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhhh...uhhhhhhhhh...just ignore that". Also, at the end, everyone now remembers Crisis on Infinite Earths, so all problems that was created because of the amnesia is officially gone. Not that continuity problems are really all that important to me, for I am of the mentality that continuity is only a problem if the writers let it be a problem.

But with all this mention of Crisis and continuity, you'd probably think this series is only for those well-versed in DCology. And you'd be right. For only those who have encyclopedic comic knowledge will get a real kick out of the series. Everyone else will probably be confused like they were reading Freud in the 3rd grade.

So, yeah, to summarize it as to make your last minute or so of reading my longer review a complete waste of time: It's fanboy fluff. There's far better comic stories, and even way better superhero stories out there, but you're not entering Liefeld territory here. And, hey, 52 looks to spice things up now.

It's to be noted that I haven't read most of the lead-ups, although I really want to check out Day of Vengeance and Villains United and their upcoming post-Crisis series, which all look rather delightful.


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