Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Smash Stuff

I'm sure you're just dying to know who I think should/shouldn't be Smash Bros. Brawl. I have thought of this long and hard, and have figured out one important thing: I'm far more qualified at this than all of you. With that behind us, let's get those idears:

Characters who are essential
As in, those who, if not in the game, will start a bloody rebellion. At this point in time, these guys are too obvious and important to be ignored. 2 of them, Pit and Wario, have already been put in the game. Let's hope the same for:

Little Mac-The main man from Punch-Out!!, one of the greatest games ever devised. The guy took down Mike Tyson, so respeck is needed.

Captain Olimar & Pikmin-The bulbous little astronaut who uses and abuses insect/plant critters to solve problems and find treasure was charming enough in the Pikmin titles, and has quickly descended on the ladder of popular Nintendo titles. Brawl needs Olimar and his savage little bastards to tear it up, as odd as it is to have characters from such a peaceful game beating the crap out of other characters.

New franchises that need representation
Title says it all. These are Nintendo games and series who deserve one of their own joining the Brawl:
Battleclash/Metal Combat-These Superscope shooters have a pretty big cult following, although I'm betting more of a cameo than a full playable character. Still, shooting robots is fun. Maybe a Wii or DS sequel, instead...
Custom Robo-Just a Action-RPG where holographic robots beat the holy hell out of eachother. This one's main 'bot, Ray in one of his many models, seems likely for this game.
Golden Sun-It's a traditional RPG with 2 games on the GBA and lots of little mages with cool elemental powers. Between the two, there are 8 main characters, and any of them could be a good addition.

Joy Mecha Fight-My friend downloaded a ROM of this Japan-only NES fighting game, featuring, you guessed it, robots. This one would be pretty sweet, if only because the characters look silly. The floaty oval main character, Sukapon, has been mentioned on the Smash Bros. comment sight, so atleast it has a chance.
Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan-As I mentioned in a previous post, the two people who have mentioned the characters from this on the site deserve gold stars. We need more dance-based characters, and these guys fill the role WID SPADES. Definetly near the top of my list.
Punch-out!!-Oh, yeah, if Mac is in the game, can one of his opponents maybe show up too? Super Punch-Out!! Jackie Chan-parody Dragon Chan was mentioned on the main site, so why not?
Starfy-It's a Japanese platformer about a cute lil' starfish trying to find his way home. He's fairly prominent on the handhelds back in his home country, and while he isn't high on my want list, he could make a swell addition.
Wars-One of Nintendo's oldest franchises, and big brother to Fire Emblem. The latest incarnations on the GBA and DS have provided lots of character possibilities, the most likely to be included being one of the main trio of Andy, Sami, or Max.

Of course, I could go on forever listing possibilities, but that would get boring after a while. Although, this game ain't coming out for a freaking year, so I guess I have lots of time to get to them. Next, I list new characters from series already with representation.



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