Monday, July 07, 2008


The one idea I wish I could have thought of? Living planets. Stuff like Ego (who has planet-sized beard!) and Mogo (He is a superhero who is also a planet). Really, I find that any large inanimate body gaining sentience is a really entertaining concept for fiction. Planets and other astral bodies (when my friend and I were fucking around with making an entire tabletop roleplaying game, he designed a bunch of monsters, including the Moon), but also things like streets (again, I love Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol for many a reason, this included), buildings, and trains (which is something I've been developing).

Now that FFTA2 is out, I thought that the only game I'm really looking forward to is Soul Calibur IV. "But wait!" I remembered, "Isn't there not one, but TWO Capcom fighting games coming out in the future?" And lo and behold, there were. I saw that Alex from Street Fighter III (possibly my favorite fighting game) was added to the cast of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, which is indeed awesome because Alex is a fun character to play as. That game is actually shaping up nicely, and it looks like it has two on two gameplay (like, actual two and two, with everyone out), which is pretty awesome. Eeeeee I'm excited about videogames once more.

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