Thursday, July 24, 2008


The title looks like Ziggy, a bit.

I ordered Jump Ultimate Stars from the Internet, so it should provide me my DS-related jollies for awhile now that my FFT game is close to completion.

You know, I often belittle many of the properties involved in JUS, and their fans. But in the setting of a Smash Bros.-esque fighter with customizable elements, I can overlook my distaste for all things Naruto. Plus, there's enough other stuff that I have literally no knowledge of or tolerate or maybe even like on a conceptual level (I don't read this shit) to make it worthwhile. Plus, I played the first one when the local rental place had it for inexplicable reasons and enjoyed it.

Speaking of manga, there's an Anime Convention in Winnipeg this weekend. If you happen to be an anime fan in Winnipeg, enjoy yourself. I'll be keeping a safe distance.

The same newspaper that had the supplement that told me of the conventions has also been running reviews of the Winnipeg Fringe Festival which I enjoy reading. I may go to a fringe some day. Sounds like a gas.

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