Friday, July 04, 2008

...oh yes, computer...

I got Final Fantasy Tactics A2 last week. I've been playing it since. 22 hours so far. That's the power these strategy-RPGs have over me.

It's the same addiction as before. I love customizing my team, finding the right classes and making the right combination of abilities. Plus, it has more classes! And some of the changes make gaining abilities quicker. Some other stuff, like controlling land through auctions and being able to dispatch groups to more missions (meaning I get to skip some of the more annoying/boring missions), are good and help streamline the experience even more.

There are problems, too. Sprites haven't been updated much. Wireless trading is worthless. Having to unlock certain classes is limiting. New law system is in some ways less annoying than before, and in some ways even more annoying (and some of the laws are based on pure random occurrences). But it doesn't really matter to me, as they don't detract from the underlying gameplay that I do so love. Yes, I'm a fanboy too, sometimes.

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