Sunday, July 20, 2008


I may have figured out Adobe Premier. It's so weird using a video editing program that isn't terrible.

So, I have seen no movies this summer. And chances are, unless I see them by myself or with people who wanted another go, I won't see the ones already released. Sigh. I guess there's still Stepbrothers and Pineapple Express.

The Winnipeg papers but sometimes be filled with silly things. The columnist, who is old, wrote an article talking about how Canada loses it's "nice guy" image because a member of The Barenaked Ladies was arrested on charges of possessing cocaine. I know the column had a joking tone, but it's still kinda dumb. I mean, someone with cocaine? That would be shocking - in the 50s.

The columnist has been kinda dumb before. He once went on a tangent about how awesome classical music is, and ends up comparing Fiddy Cent to BOB FUCKING DYLAN. His point would make more sense if his one of his main targets was actually considered anything other than shit.

Also, Winnipeg is so desperate for attention, they will literally claim every person, living or dead, real or fictional, is connected to them. A couple years ago, it was Homer Simpson. This week, it's James Bond, because the person who may have been the inspiration for Ian Fleming's books was an orphan in Winnipeg. DON'T YOU SEE, WINNIPEG DESERVES YOUR ADORATION AND TOURISM DOLLARS IGNORE THE SKEETERS THIS IS THE HOME OF BOND, JAMES BOND MUTHERFUCKER.

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