Thursday, September 06, 2007

It. Is. DONE.

After several days, here is my non-contribution to the Internet world of random clip assortment:

Not to say I won't edit it further if the need calls for it (for example, if other people think the Rush song in the middle is not loud enough). Certain parts I actually think turned out rather well (or the best that this sub-sub-class of cinema 'art' can achieve). I only hope the viewers will enjoy it.

For additional information and time wasting:

Here's the community of people who make these types of videos (which I probably won't be joining, at least not now).

Here's a blog post trying to explain these videos in artistic terms. You tell me whether or not this is successful in any way.

Here's the Urban Dictionary entry for Youtube Poop. This is to hurt your mind and soul.

Now, back to school and King Leopold's Ghost!

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