Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Creative writing is just "there", but sort of refreshing because I am forced to actually write stuff instead of just daydreaming about it.

On one hand the project I recently finished for it has the beginnings of the evolution of my style. On the other hand, it still feels a bit lacking. Hopefully I will improve that, because I plan on doing something similar to it for my final project.

Ohhhhh faculty strike at school. First week will be used to get as much work done as possible, but more than one week and we're looking at a fucked up year. And then I will angered, and will write something slightly perturbed in the paper, I tell you what!

Oh and I guess Nintendo news on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Last year at this time they revealed Sonic in Smash Bros., but since there's nothing possibly akin to that this year, I have no expectations (I didn't even have expectations for anything last year, and then look what happened!) I decided to stop expecting videogame shit to happen, and just let it happen. Becomes more exciting that way. So no, unlike every Nintendo fanboy out on the webz expecting Kid Icarus to come back (HINT: It's never going to happen), I'll just wait and see what they'll actually show, not expect them to cater to my nerd whims.

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At 5:30 p.m., Anonymous Judy! said...

I was expecting Wii Fit 2. No such luck, at least not yet.


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