Friday, September 05, 2008


It's supposed to be a mosquito. Or something. It actually kind of reminds me of Poindexter from the Felix the Cat cartoons.

So yes, week of school and trying to get newspaper stuff together. Almost had a freakout from all the shit, but I pulled meself together and have it pretty much all figured out.

The first book of the year is Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent, about a bunch of unlikable weirdos in the anarchist movement. Of course there's more to it than that, but that's all you're getting. Naaaaah!

Finally saw The Big Lebowski. It is indeed an inventive comedy. I can see why everyone likes it so much, but I respect it more than absolutely adore it.

My friend inspired me to go on a Bowie kick with him. I've thus listened to Aladdin Sane and "Heroes", and am currently downloading a complete version of Ziggy Stardust (I was missing some of the songs and just wanted the best quality I could get) and Lodger. This is the best bender I've ever had, I think. Who needs new albums!

I ordered three books from Amazon (the first time I've done it), and it was in fact very cheap and arrived quickly. I know they will be receiving my business the next time I want to get something semi-obscure (and maybe some things that are obscure, but in a town where even the slightest hint of obscurity gets you not carried anywhere, the order of obscurity in the things I get is of no consequence). I will read my shiny new Godland and Scud books once order has been restored to the force.

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