Thursday, September 11, 2008


Chirp Chirp.

Stupid important things in life preventing me from updating dis sheeit.

Finished Godland. It is good. Funny, thoroughly Kirby-inspired art, and moves at a good pace so you never get bored. I await future books.

Important stuff is entering my free thought space, and it's making me go crazy! Oh well, most of my responsibilities are on vacation for another day or so, so I'm good for a while now.

Reading Howard's End for school. It straddles the line between the upper-class snooty British novels that people often make fun of and the more cynical, mean-spirited British novels that I've become a fan and style-thief of (Adams). So in that way I wouldn't call it a favorite of mine, but it is interesting at points, especially when the narrator suddenly becomes a real person. A real person who not only knows what every character does and thinks, but also buys fruit. That's a bit nuts.

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