Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Midnight Terror

What they hey, I haven't had a dream post for a while. Not since my Starship Troopers adventure with that jerk Dr. Doom. These ones aren't nearly as entertaining, but at least the second one is bizarre enough to warrant mention.

A few weeks ago:

I'm in another city, probably Winnipeg, but it could be any big city. I think I'm with a class or something, and we visited some sort of studio/boring building. Afterwards, we all left. I remember being in a car, looking at buildings, including some video stores and car dealerships at night. However, when I reach the bus station/airport, I learn that I've been left behind. I phone my parents to let them know, and I guess I was going to try to get home the next day. Thankfully, my hotel room is connected right to the bus station/airport, and looks suspiciously like my parents bedroom with another room attached. It was also right beside a flashy-looking restaurant/club.
That's about it. Not very exciting, but I felt somewhat dejected when I woke up from it. Psycholomogists, figure it out!

Last Night:

I'm in the parking lot of my work, and I meet a little girl through bizarre circumstances (I can't remember what they were, though). She decides to give me a ride home in her little car. It was really a little car...I mean, like an actual car, but go-cart shaped. I couldn't actually fit in the car, so I held onto the back. Yep, hugging a little car, with my ass dangerously close to the pavement. After making it to the exit out of the lot, I decide not to go for a number of reasons (not wanting to be a bother as well as possible ass damage). So, I hop off, and meet my brother at a nearby bus stop.
Then things shift. We are now in the mall, and I appear to be nowhere in cite. Instead a group of monsters (I think they were all werewolves) were battling in the store that sells biker apparel, with scientists looking onward. One of them had been tranquilized, with the other two fighting in some sort of boss battle. I think I saw their energy bars, like in Final Fight. There was even a boss battle-esque song being played. When I woke up and remembered the song, it sounded familiar. Then I remember where it came from (saw this video yesterday. My dream only played the first few notes of the level song). One beats the other one, and then it gets blow dart'd by the scientist. They all turn back into humans.
We then go back to my workplace, where the head scientist is giving a lecture about how he shouldn't have created those monsters, and I'm watching. Right beside the candy stand, no less. Meanwhile, in the actual candy stand, there seems to be post-credits enemy roll call, like the ones that appear in some games (where they just appear with their numbers underneath. And this was in real life, happening to my left). I remember there being a hat monster, a clock monster, and Frankenstein's monster, and it was like I knew where they from, level-wise, in my fictional game.
I don't want to have this one analyzed.

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