Sunday, April 20, 2008

I, in fact, love some of you

Oh yes, exam essay thing. And sickness. Boy do I feel like a million bucks.

And then I saw this and winced a bit. Or, it could mean that Grant Morrison was nearly 10 years ahead of his time, rather than a late-to-the-bandwagon knockoff that nobody seems to notice is such. Maybe I'm being too kind, though. Or maybe I'm not - the concepts aren't THAT similar, except for 'every superhero is an ape now' and the fact that it has Ape in the title. I don't even know how hard I'm being on it now.

I groaned at this. There are many things wrong with it:

1. Mortal Kombat sucks
2. The incongruent nature of the two universe
3. Mortal Kombat sucks
4. It's also a terribly late bandwagon jumper
5. Mortal Kombat sucks
6. Lame seriousness of the trailer
7. Mortal Kombat sucks

So, I'm prepared to ignore this, because seriously, Mortal Kombat sucks.

I think that's all I'm obligated to say for now.

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