Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I hate you all

Exams. They are scary and such and such.

Well, back to videogames.

I'm not going to name names, but there was a controversy in the games community recently, more or less hastened my recent and ongoing drifting away from the game news and fan community. This has been the one geek community I've been part of as long as I can remember, but with my new found superiority streak, I've noticed a complete lack of, well, intelligence within the group. Most 'Gamers' seem to be becoming more and more annoying, getting bent out of shape for almost every little thing that dare defaces their little hobby, and seem unaware of the world around them. And let's not forget the armchair stock watching, the rampant fanboyism, and the fact that most that I've seen are just completely boring. I still love the games themselves (though I've been playing less recently, blame the so-called 'important things' in life), but I'd rather only talk about them with people I like, and we'd be all like "You know that one that's coming out? It looks awesome." and then I'd be like "Oh yeah, it does."

Now, one thing I've noticed is that if you ask a game nerd what game they'd like to see the most, they'd most likely ramble on about a sequel to something or a remake. This is typical of nerdy behaviour, but I find it kind of distressing. I mean, new versions of awesome games are good and all, but I don't hear enough people asking for games with a certain concept rather than a certain name brand. For example, two ideas I'd like to see made:

-A game that plays like an old-fashioned arcade beat-'em-up (linear levels ending in a ridiculous boss battle), but with modern ideas of environmental interaction and upgradeable stuff and big movesets and stuff. I haven't played God of War, which I'm sure is the closest thing I can get. Maybe I should, but the main reason I've stayed away for so long is that...I can't really get into the atmosphere of the game. I'd like to see someone do something a bit less...serious with the concept. (Yes, this isn't that terribly creative either, but it's still a concept and not a series continuation!)

-An RPG or something with a community-building element. As odd as it sounds, I got this idea from Digimon World on the PS1. It's not a terribly good game, but one idea in it I quite like is the idea of finding people out on your adventures and convincing them to move to your town, and they would in turn open up something new for you in the town. Make it even more customizable, and I'm even wetter.

That's about all I got right now. Hopefully I'll remember some more things I want another day.

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