Sunday, October 07, 2007


Okay, Saturday night/morning, I think I have my new favorite bizarre dream.

It starts in a gym, a combination of my horribly small grade school gym and my much larger high school gym. Apparently, we (by which I means myself and a group of people I don't think I know) are fighting Starship Trooper-esque bug monsters from another dimension. Of course, most of the action is happening on the other side of the gym, hidden behind a curtain. A flying bug monster does crash through the curtain and into a wall, though. I have sent away from the battle for being a foul up, although I don't know what I did to get that. I walk out of the gym, distraught.

Looking for sympathy, I head to an unknown house, and into its basement. There, I tell the Thing, Dr. Doom, and Mole Man of my plight(!). Of course, they could care less, so once again I am alone in the world.

Where to next? Just outside the local movie theatre, where I just loiter in the parking lot. I even remember seeing some of the movie posters set up on the outer walls of the theatre...I think one was a sequel to Over the Hedge, a movie I have not seen, but whatever. Looking across town, I see signs that gymnasium-dimensional-bug-battle was not going well. In response, I decide to get gathering family and friends and hightail it outta there.

Most of the stuff is pretty great, but visiting Thing/Doom/Mole Man trolling for sympathy? That rockets this dream into the hall of fame. Sorry 'My Schoolyard as the Planet of the Apes with an Ant lion monster' dream, but you have been usurped.

In other news, Reunion Tour is an awesome album. I honestly hope I can stretch that out to 200 words for The Quill by Wednesday.

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At 6:41 p.m., Anonymous Judy! said...

In one of my favorite dreams saw me calling professional wrestler Ric Flair, because my house was under attack by a guy with one leg. Why was he attacking it. He needed my siblings and I to sign a ping-pong ball for something or other, I can't remember. Anyway, I actually woke up talking like I was on the phone. And I only introduced myself as "Ryan". Just Ryan, like he'll know who I am just from that.


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