Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Don't Know what They're Missing

Videogame industry afraid to ask Grant Morrison for assistance.

Highlight from this story from a year ago that I have just read:

"A few years ago, he was given a chance to make an impact on video games. He was asked to write a script for the 2003 Xbox game "Battlestar Galactica." Morrison dove in to provide some depth to the tale of war between humans and enemy Cylons. "I had come up with whole storylines and was trying to do more emotional stuff," he said. "The missions were more weird. You had to find an [alien] brain and feed it sugar so it would come alive and tell you where to go next."

"I wrote this huge thing breaking down the whole game into segments and levels. The idea was to create a city that was really immersive. You could go into places and really unusual things might happen if you go into certain stores. You go into one place and you can learn voodoo from the proprietor of the store, and then have to go on missions involving that. The vehicles you could actually get were more interesting, like UFOs, flying saucers and boots that would allow you to bounce around over skyscrapers."

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At 9:52 p.m., Anonymous judy! said...

I never cared for shows like BG or Star Trek. They're always so poorly acted.


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