Thursday, April 10, 2008


What I like about having my laptop back is that I can post things like this anywhere, any time. I missed you, sweetie.

I'm looking for a job for the summer. It is difficult. I think I was lucky to get the job I already have, as it seems decent supplementary occupations are far from a dime a dozen. A lot of help needed out in the nearest national park. Unfortunately, I am neither cook material, and I also think places with lots of bugs are way icky. I also don't trust my ability to supervise kids. I'd probably accidentally let a kid drown in the lake, creating not one, BUT two murderous psychopaths sometime in the future.

About the only thing I've found that I'd even consider doing is working at a hotel. And it's a low ranking hotel job, mind you. But it seems those low ranking jobs allow for the most freedom. One thing I like about the job I have currently is that I'm stuck in one place - I get to move around, and even go outside! It's the life, I tell ya. A life that unfortunately likes to give me few hours.

The other thing is - I really don't want another job like the one I have now. I want to try something different. But I've been rejecting different ideas left and right. I'm a self-defeating moron.



At 6:58 p.m., Anonymous Judy! said...

Avoid food service at all costs.


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