Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Always Watching

Listening to old music. Picking up stuff I should have listened to already. I'm still catching up, okay? But I do like them. Hunky Dory is great. Pet Sounds is great. I need some more time with Kid A. See, told you I was slow.

I signed up for the games at Prairiecon. In order: Toon, Wrasslin', Munchkin, Illuminati, and the old mainstay, Heroclix. So, if any of you locals want to nerd it up in the heat the first weekend of June, you know where to find me. Speaking of my latter entrant, I need to stock up on new figures. Last year I was absolutely destroyed, and I'm blaming it mainly on outdated figures not able to deal with all the newfangled designs! I hope to get some good stuff before the games begin...

As for the other games, it's a mix of old and new. I played Toon two years ago, and it once again remains my only real role-playing experience. It's a setting thing. Most of the tabletop RPGs just don't have settings that interest me. If something like Rifts was there, though, I'd play that. Rifts is the type of lunacy I'm all for. Don't know a whole lot of others, but considering this is a 30+-year old hobby, I'm sure they're there.

I played Wrasslin' before, as well, about four years ago. I think, the year before they skipped a year and then moved from the slightly more comfortable university to a slightly-weird-but-perfectly-okay church setting. Wrasslin' is an old-timey card/board game, and it's perfectly okay. However, the first time I played it, it was meant to replace the greatness of Super Giant Monster Showdown, which it could not. I'm still bummed that game is sold out, I'd love to buy a copy now that I can.

Munchkin and Illuminati are new. They are fairly well-known games, but I haven't tried them once yet. Actually, I was going to play Munchkin last year, but it was cancelled because the person running the game was unable to make it to the convention on time. So, this year I am finally able to join the comedy. It should be good, as I've yet to find a non-collectible game there that I haven't liked.

I'm anticipating Illuminati. It just sounds like my type of thing. I've read the instructions online, and while some things are daunting (nothing a little scorecard can solve, however), it has both an ingenious design and a level of silliness I can admire. The only problem? It is run at night - and the schedule says that particular slot runs to 1:30. Am I ready for that level of commitment? I guess we'll see.

On a bizarre note, I've been finding many of my high school teachers in local media. First, my electronics teacher who was obsessed with Underdog was on TV almost a month ago because he built a police robot. Then today, I look in the newspaper and see my librarian in a photo. Apparently, he's an actor. Good. He called me by a wrong name for almost a year. Isn't that a funny anecdote?

Well, I'm not doing anything important these days. This is a problem. I need to find something important to do. Or else people stare at meeeeee.

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