Saturday, May 17, 2008

Scantastic Voyage

A while back, I found a flyer for a wholesaler/importer that I found humorous. I have been kicking myself for months because I didn't pick it up. Now, I have found another flyer for the same store, with more or less the same things I liked before in it, and even more. So, comedy ahoy (click to see the picture in detail):

So let's see: Tickets for Liquor, an ear-shattering alarm, a fake camera, and the finglonger. Off to a great start.

No explanation needed.

Of course, replica swords can be pretty lame, but there's one that stood out...

Be the laughingstock of even the LARP community!

Even more replica stupidity! However, I would love a fancy walking cane.

This was mainly for random pictures on the bottom, although Religious Clocks are good.


I want a Kosher dog.

Or a talking sword.

Or meat cleavers beside my children's toys.


These shoes are so good, they cost you YOUR VERY SOUL.



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