Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oooooooooh bee

After deciding last week to try that MAME thing again, I then also revived my interest in messing around in MUGEN, because it had been stored on my other 2 Gig flash drive when the laptop went on vacation. Now I have a good controller I bought at not-Radioshack for 15 bucks to use on both, and I've been wasting much time just adjusting things (both things turned out to be a lot harder to play than I thought :[). I need to get back to my idea-makin' thing. Poor Chamber of Dread is starving for an update.

I went to Winnipeg on Sunday. It was supposed to be a vacation, but it was a tad time strapped. I went to a pancake house, waited, and then had some mediocre bacon with good eggs, toast, and hashbrowns (no, I didn't want pancakes). We went to a few stores, some that are here, some that are not. I bought a new wastebasket that is 1000 times superior to my small, shoddy waste of plastic old one. We then went to the St. Vital Centre, where I marveled at the stores that aren't really all that impressive, but they are compared to everything here. That place has an HMV and Chapters that showed me that my home is void where cultural products are rare and have little variety amongst them. Someone also had a gosling there in the food court, exploiting the poor thing for the amusement of a gathered crowd of slack-jawed gawkers. Okay, it wasn't exploiting at all. But I doubt a baby goose has any need to be in the mall food court, unless it had a real hankering for frozen yogurt.

While at HMV, I easily found CDs thought mythic to my miniature-city-conditioned psyche. I bought Beck's Sea Change and Grandaddy's Sumday. I need to listen through both a few more times to get a real opinion of them. Both seem good so far, but how do they rank among the other albums by the same artists? The future holds such answers.

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