Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wonders from the Closet, part two

I read some of my old comics. That's no easy task, as I originally drew and wrote them with pen, meaning lots of scrunching to fit word balloons, scratching out mistakes, and generally making it look like a mess. I can read my own mess, but I doubt anyone else can.

One series of comics I did had a pretty cool idea: it was an anthology about whatever characters I created or wanted to create at the time, as observed by two aliens in a space station. Why were they peeping random events? They said it was for science, but I couldn't think of anything more logical. They just were, okay?

The first issue is entertaining in how overwrought the dialogue is. I was trying my hardest to be sophisticated, but it came off somewhat lamely. I can't believe the two narrator's obsession with 'emotion'. They mention it in every sentence, basically. Emotion isn't that exciting guys, so shut up about it!

I also love the ads I put in there (that I mentioned yesterday). Aside from a few obvious joke ads (one for 'pants' and an anti-drug ad shilling dry-erase markers as a good alternative), there were a couple of 'legit' ads (a Juicy Fruit one that borrowed from the ad campaign at the time, and even had copyright information). The best of all were ads for future comics of my design, all of which were never made...or maybe they were just delayed. I could pull an Ultimates and just release them long after people thought they had been lost at sea...but that would require work.

I even included a bullpen at the back, with a chubby, bespectacled characicture of myself. I talk about how great the new series is, and how excited I was to release the 'Master Collection'(one of the aforementioned vaporware) with my collaborator (a friend of mine). Finally, I was prepping a new series. "I can't tell you what it is.." I wrote, "but I can tell you that it will be a fun, action-packed comic". Wow, sounds completely innovative. And no, I don't remember what it was; I'm actually quite curious myself.

I hope one day to share more of these comics with you, via scanning. But you're going have to wait...hopefully not as long as the people waiting for 'The Master Collection' were (which was actually nobody, but you get the picture). Let me just end this with my favorite bit of juvenile 'serious' comic dialogue.

"You end now...You die now!"



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