Sunday, January 28, 2007

Daily Grind: 1/28/07

Okay, let's review Neon Bible. It should be warned that this is a leak, so the final mix may be different (which is why I'm probably going to buy the disk when it comes out). Now, on to it...

First track is pretty strong. Lots of weird earthquake-esque noises.

Second track is a nice contrast to the last one, being a bit more up-beat and folky.

Third track: She gets a track to herself now. It's continuing the more upbeat sound from the last track, but it's considerably weirder. Oh, he comes back halfway through to bring everything down a notch in the levity factor. "Great black wave in the middle of the street"? Sounds...nice.

Onto number's the title track. No weird noises in this one, it's pretty quiet. Violinin'! There's something I don't hear nearly enough. Of Maybe because there aren't nearly enough Arcade Fire albums coming out.

Five, and we get back to the weird noises. THUNDER! LIGHTNING! TECHNO! Techno is replaced by piano. Piano is accompanied by...I don't know what hell those are...submarine violins? Whales? I actually think they were violins.

Six, and we're getting a speed boost, plus that indomitable beat. Jingly ending.

Seven, and it's rockin'...atleast as rockin' as the Arcade Fire can get. The guitar is far more prominent in this one. It's catchy, but not in the normal sense, I guess. Yay! Clappin' to the beat! This is my third favorite so far.

Eight, and it goes quiet again, but there's some strumming. It's rising...and there it goes up a level. And then goes back down. And then it builds up again. Very interesting structure here.

Nine, and we're starting with some 'magical' noises and moving back into high-speed Arcade Fire. We get some of the weird instruments, and what sounds like a heavy metal guitar being muffled in the background at one point. It's a duet, too. And then we cap off with a joyous choir and noises.

Ten, and what a downbeat way to end the album. There's that organ, and someone banging another indeterminable object. I'm sure this is what Dracula likes to listen to when he's sad. Hm...I think it's a satisfactory conclusion.

I also got the single here too, and it starts with heavy organ playing. But it's a bit lighter. "You work for the church while your family dies"? Errrr....maybe scratch that light distinction...It does have chimes in it.

Overall, I like the album. It's a lot less 'explosive'(as in big, loud, maybe even ambitious) than Funeral was...but I still get my otherworldly instruments (yes, I consider violins 'otherworldly'. As I said, I don't hear them nearly enough) and all the other distinctions the Arcade Fire have. But it's downbeat, for sure. I'm not sure I like it as much as Funeral, but it's still a good album.



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