Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Daily Grind: 1/30/07

Newest sidebar link: Tetsubo Productions, a politically-charged livejournal. It is in that particular section of the sidebar because we both discuss superhero nerd cards in the same place.

In other news, I have an uncanny 'stupid shit' memory. While basic, important things often evade me, I can pull out random factoids and accurate details about pointless things at the snap of a finger. A lot of it are movies and cartoons I watched as a kid, a couple of videogames as well, comic book stuff(that is more recent), and any obscure bits I pull off Wikipedia. I don't understand this uncanny gift God has given me, or whether or not I could even possibly use it for good or evil.

I can describe many cartoons from the early 90s/200s in ways usually reserved for war veterans. It scares me what I could tell you about things you've probably never heard of, like G.e.E.K.e.R (which aired on CBS). Why do I remember these things? What evolutionary purposes do these memories serve? Why Chuck D(arwin), why?

...And yet, I haven't written a single Wiki article about any of my memories. Partially because they've already been made, but also because I'm not that bored, yet. And I kinda prefer creating my own stuff.

And that concludes another edition of 'who gives a fuck?'

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