Wednesday, January 31, 2007

End of January Nostalgic Moment

Someone posted this video clip on a message board:

Oh yes, I used to watch this one. Although I don't remember the rapping intro, or the 3D gimmick (which was later used by Medium, strangely enough). Weekend mornings, it was on. And I guess I still like the fact that it has robots in it...I love robots.

However, there are a disgusting amount of Zs on that program. Over the legal limit, which would get you a hefty fine in most countries. It's also incredibly lame, like the world is run by bees who somehow evolved to the point of learning english, thus combining it with their primitive bee noises. We can't let the world be overrun by bees, can we?

What the hell was I talking about?

Oh yeah, Bots Master. Okay, in the context of the show, the Zs are used because the main human loves to slip his initials into everything he makes. Still, it's going too far. It's like Mr. Fantastic (AKA Reed Richards) saying "No, you can't be the Human Torch...but you can be the HUMAN TORRCH!". And then he'd probably name Thing THINGRR, making it so you wouldn't need a civil war to break up the Fantastic Four.

Anyways, watching this again makes me wish I had better taste in animation. I wish I watched more shows like this:

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