Thursday, February 01, 2007

Beginning of February Write-Up

Those 'Daily Grind' titles are looking kind of dull in the archives, so I've decided to go back to actually naming the things. Don't know how long it'll last. I'm still going to write something every day, because I can and I must.

Yesterday, I posted some reminiscing about a bad cartoon from my youth. Seeing that show again inspired me to put a name to another cartoon I remembered from way back. It was a movie, and I had some details about it, but the name escaped me. This was actually a good thing, it proved my 'useless shit' memory was fallible.

I started out with "Okay, there were these two caterpillars... and a bat that was trying to eat them...and then aliens showed up for one reason or another..." And thus the surreal sequence of events became the backbone of my investigation. I was sure there are thousands of animated movies with the exact same plot, but dammit, I was going to find this one.

I scoured the earth for clues. I traversed jungles and trap-filled temples, parched deserts, and I might have even gone to the moon (but that could've been the 'adventure mushrooms' I was taking at the time). I punched a Nazi or two along the way. And yet nothing was found.

I then decided to look on the Internet.

After a few word combinations, I finally struck info gold. It was called 'Katy meets the Aliens', and it was released in 1989 (Read some Internut schmucks' opinion on it, if you dare). Finally, my life is one step closer to be complete.

Even so, I miss the Nazi punching. I may have to make a career of that.



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