Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh yes, there is an update

Prairiecon was good, as expected (if it didn't meet my expectations, I probably would have updated earlier with a rant). Toon was good, Wrasslin' was good, Munchkin was good, Illuminati was good, and Heroclix was good. I was worried I would end up sucking this year at clix like I did last year, but the three rounds I was in went pretty well. First guy annihilated me, I annihilated the second opponent, and the the third was an equal, epic better that ended with my Kid Flash and his Blue Beetle trading blows on a rooftop (he won in the end, but it was fun).

The only real prize I got during the weekend was a copy of Principia Discordia, which I got because I was the only one from the Illuminati group the guy running it could find. I shall attempt to tackle it one of these days.

Of course, the event has once again made me want to design a tabletop roleplaying game. This may last for another few months before subsiding, and who knows how much I will do before I get bored with the idea?

Yesterday I bought a cellphone. Not a fancy one, not at all. I probably won't even use text messages because they're charging me 20 cents for every one. Fuck that, I barely have anyone to talk to normally.

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At 1:51 a.m., Blogger Cap'n Gibby said...

Cell phone!? CELL PHONE!? YOU!? WHY!?



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