Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Promethean Past Haunts Me Still


"Krystal remains the third most requested character that did not make it into the final roster (behind Geno and Ridley). No-one really knows why she wasn’t made a playable character, since less popular characters were selected over her."

It's quite obvious that this statement was based on my damned tally from all those years ago. It was based on the number of letters chosen by the developers (based on their tastes, not on who was most popular). We don't actually know who was requested the most or not (aside from Sonic.)

Grrrrr, two years later and the improper use of my one and only actual effect on the minds of others still lives.

And no, I don't think this post should have gone on the Smash Blawg. This is my personal bullshit, so it makes more sense to put it on my personal blog. Besides, I'd rather not waste a post there when I could not post a strategy for three weeks!

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