Sunday, November 11, 2007


The No Cussing Challenge! (Down right now but IT'LL BE BACK).

This 14-year-old wants you to CUT OUT WITH THE SAILOR TALK, and if you can do it, you're a COOL GUY. Also, it will prevent you from doing drugs and joining gangs and junk. Because you know how much I love following my best Big Lebowski impersonation with a good joint and blowing away the Crips.

I grant them that swearing when you're trying to make conversation makes you look like a pretentious wigger who others shan't take seriously. But they aren't talking about serious conversations. Or even in public scenarios. They mean all the time, even when just in casual conversation with your friends.

Now, when I look at 'swear words', I see only that: words. They can't hurt you. They are words that are used to exaggerate anger or comedy to appropriate levels. Since they sometimes refer to less-than-public concepts, they are to be used only when appropriate. So, when I see someone being 'offended' by cussing, even in private conversation, I don't see someone concerned about the national intellect. Rather, I see bland, sheltered, ultrawhite Christians with nothing better to do. The Flanders in flesh. Super-Osmonds. The whole thing about 'positive peer pressure' confirms this, at least in my mind.

Now, I might be a little too hard on a 14-year-old with a dream (albeit, a stupid, pointless dream). Besides, his parents probably put him up to it. I doubt any early teenybopper could buy a domain, produce T-Shirts to be distributed all over, and create a music video by himself. So yeah, his parents are damn pussy asscuntfuckers.


And now, yet another website I visit:


Your Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

I can't help it. I find caustics throwing stones at lowly idiots to be funny. I enjoy partaking in it myself. So it makes complete sense that I find this, sadly not currently being updated, to be a work of pure genius.

The gang here points out the most insipid, vile pieces of online sequential filth commonly being made by egocentric losers, and rips them accordingly. And although the site had only been regular for a period of 4 months, it had gained enemies among the creators of those shitty comics, and their even stupider fans. And I love every minute of it. Every shot at knockoff artwork. Every blow against unnecessary and terribly-conceived drama. Every knock on deeply disturbing sub themes.

They put my own prejudice against VGCats into perfect hyperbole. I also love how they will never admit what webcomics they like, because they know that retards will try to poke at their criticisms of whatever crap they're a fan of by saying "well well well this comic does this and this and this and OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE DUMB >:(". That's what's called thinking ahead.

And after viewing some of the comics they bash, I can say that they deserve it. I wouldn't bat an eye if the creators of Shredded Moose get a pitchfork through their pea brains...multiple times. And then they are shot, just to make sure.

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Watch your fucking mouth, ass dick.


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