Sunday, November 04, 2007

I'm bored, and the time has changed

Here's my top 20 most-listened artists, according to LastFM:

1. Beck
2. New Pornographers
3. Sloan
4. Brian Wilson
5. Grandaddy
6. Frank Zappa
7. The Weakerthans
8. David Bowie
9. Radiohead
10. The Smashing Pumpkins
11. The Pixies
12. The Beatles
13. The Flaming Lips
14. Modest Mouse
15. The Arcade Fire
16. Blur
17. Jamiroquai
18. Sparklehorse
19. Jethro Tull
20. The Who

Now, the thing is, I only have a few songs by Blur, Jamiroquai, and Sparklehorse. I just listen to those songs obsessively. Those three are on my list of bands whose albums I want to buy, alongside Ween (#25) and The (International) Noise Conspiracy (#28).

I have three Beck albums.
I have three New Pornographers albums.
I have one Sloan album (and a Best Of, at that)
I have one Brian Wilson album
I have one Grandaddy album, and one EP
I have one Frank Zappa album (again, a Best Of)
I have three Weakerthans albums
I, unfortunately, do not have full Bowie albums.
I have three Radiohead albums
I have one Smashing Pumpkins albums

As to my actual favorite band, the top two is pretty accurate. Depending on the direction of the blowing wind, it will either be the New Pornographers or Beck. Depending on the alignment of planets, either Brian Wilson's SMiLE or Radiohead's OK Computer is my favorite album.

And thus is my music taste.

Now, a video:

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