Saturday, October 27, 2007

Talkin' Gossip, Videagames, Internets #2

I'm certainly glad they fell for them and not any of those fake women running around.


Rock Band full initial track list revealed. Wait, wait, wait...So we got a great Stones song, a great Bowie song, a great Who song, a great Molly Hatchet song, a great Blue Oyster song, MY FAVORITE PIXIES SONG, a great R.E.M. song, Radiohead (not Radiohead-quality Radiohead, but some form of Radiohead is good), MY FAVORITE SMASHING PUMPKINS SONG, Black Hole Sun, and THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS OH YES YES YES. And people are complaining about this? Okay, I see it if they were complaining about the fact that the 60s only has one song, or that there are some that it uses some the same songs as Guitar Hero III, somewhat lessening its unique identity. But no, most of the complaints seem to be that most of these are well-known (as far as I can tell about these comments), and that people don't like Fallout Boy. Boo hoo. NEW PORNOGRAPHERS.



The Buffalo Beast

I admit that, some times, many times, I can be a very angry believer in my beliefs. This has thoroughly mitigated by the reading of many political debate threads on the many forums I've lurked, and through insightful news articles and blogs that show me the world and the morons that infest it. The angriest of these sources, however, has to be the Buffalo Beast.

How does a central Canadian boy such as myself come across the website of a Buffalo, New York alternative newspaper? Simple, really: it was linked at the official web page of Bob the Angry Flower, my absolute favoritest webcomic. It can found in a bizarrely structured sentence at the bottom of the page.

I'd say Bob and The Beast share a certain kind of humor, the BB uses it for satire rather than surrealist nonsense. Humor is a good reason why I stuck with the site: its damn funny. Read their annual onslaught against human decay in "The 50 Most Loathsome People in America", and laughter will help keep your mind off the horror of it all.

Of course, there are also lots of well-researched, rather disheartening articles alongside as well. These guys are unabashed, angry liberals, and they make sure you know it at every turn. I agree with a lot of their points, though, so I don't mind.

There's much interesting reading there for people who care. If you don't, their comedic stuff should still work for you. Or maybe it won't. I can't tell you, what do I look like, a mind reader?

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