Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Halloweeny Type Stuff

If you remember, and I totally understand if you don't, I wrote about 7-11's overpriced Halloween-themed slurpee straws last year. Well, they're at it again, folks. Not only that, but there's even a new Halloween flavor! I know you're itching to find out about both!

The straws this year are a mixed bag. We only get one sculpt, with multiple colours. However, the sculpt is pretty badass, which is saying a lot considering that I'm talking about a hard plastic straw. What we get this year happens to be a transparent skull, with a large, coloured brain inside. Showing how evolution had been mean to this ancient humanoid, his brain is so large it pokes out both sides of his head. I count say this beats last year's heart or pop-up skeleton, but you takes what you gets. Or not.

I don't remember if 7-11 had a Hallow's Eve-exclusive slurpee flavor last year, but that's probably because I was too captivated with the expensive straws to really look...or it is out of my flavor range. For your information, my flavor range looks like this:

F4(Hi)...Dr. Pepper
F3...Root Beer
F-2...Mountain Dew
F-3...Pretty much everything else
F-4(Low)...Darth Dew

This new flavor falls squarely in F3. Yes, it's Barqs root beer. But what's Halloweeny about this root beer? It's WHITE!

According to the accompanying machine promo: "We scared the brown out of the root beer". Of course, this would indicate that soft drinks can become pale...and feel fear. I'm not sure what 7-11 has that can possibly scare an inanimate substance, but man, it must be scary.

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At 7:08 p.m., Anonymous Judy! said...

That's so scary, my lemon-lime Gatorade turned white. And all this talk about straws is making me miss my silly straw shaped like Bill Cosby's head.


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