Friday, February 09, 2007

End of the Week Smegging

So this is Friday, and what have I done? Not much. But I have been catching up with some television using the magic of the Internet.

Recently, I've been watching early episodes(I've seen most of the last two seasons) of Red Dwarf, which I think is required unless I want to have my nerd license revoked. It's a rhomping good time so far, and it also includes those loveable unlikeable characters I do so enjoy (in this case, Rimmer). I still got about 7.5 seasons left to view, so away I shall go on that...

Last weekend, I finished watching the entirety of the second season of Venture Bros. That show is so good, and I recommend it to every living person. It's homage-tastic, and has many great characters (the best being the Grand Galactic Inquisitor and Dr. Henry Killinger).

Hey, another post where I don't talk about my crappy old comics!



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