Thursday, January 25, 2007

Daily Grind: 1/25/07

Stupid sickness! I could be DOING THINGS. Can't do nothing about it, though, so I'll just post here early.

I've been really bad with not finishing things recently. It's mainly games, especially longer games. I just find myself not playing them after a while. It's a complete waste, I know, and I really should get back to playing them.

Okay...what else...uhhhh....well, I could tell you about an idea for a TV series I have. Well, it's not really an idea for the series itself, but for some concept any TV series could use. I'm sure you're totally interested, totally.

Basically, it goes like this: Have a show that lasts about 2 or 3 seasons with a certain story/cast of characters. And then, in the season after you've established those characters and stories firmly...have it star a bunch of brand new characters. You can eventually tie into the past series, or maybe even return to that concept after a while.

Doesn't it sound completely annoying? Especially in a TV show that apparently is popular enough to warrant staying on that long? That's the point, it would be loverly to see how the audience would react.

Some comic fans may recognize this as similar to the disastrous relaunch of Thunderbolts. I haven't read that storyline, so I don't think that inspired me. I honestly don't know where the idea came might be from my speculation of what would happen in the second season of Venture Brothers, and then I just fell in love with the idea.

I never expect any sane television writer to attempt this. Which is fine, because it would be something I would like to attempt. This is dependent on me getting a writing gig on a television series (preferably something I created myself), but I'll probably attempt it. I do want to be a omni-scribe.

Speaking of writing, I heard it's one of the most horrible jobs one can attempt to get into. But then again, you don't know the knife is sharp until you cut yourself on it...right? Right?

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