Monday, January 15, 2007

Daily Grind: 1/15/07

One of the many things that amuse me in this world is the patented 'Anti-Grizzly' armor, pictured above. If you watch a lot of newsmagazine shows or timeslots on Discovery not taken up by sharks, pyramids, or welding goons, you've probably seen the men who make and test out these behemoth suits. They often show off videos of their pals smashing them mallets and heavier objects, and even setting them on fire. All, atleast to my knowledge, being completely resisted by the suit's thick hide.

For the most part, it's amusing to me because "Hey, it's like a real-life War Machine! Or, at the very least, Iron Monger." I love robots, and also have some sort of affinity for robotic suits, I guess. So seeing what is the closest thing to real-life robotic suits (despite not being robotic at all, and possibly being constructed out of duct tape and car parts) just makes me feel all tingly.

What's odd about it all, though, is the fact that these seemingly invincible contraptions are made to ward of bear attacks. Isn't that weird? When someone makes an advance in technology (which this isn't, but I'm calling it that just because), it's usually to fight in a war, or to go out into space. But no, someone makes impervious battlesuits so that he doesn't get sacked by an angry mama grizzly. Maybe I'm underestimating the power of a large ursine, but even so, I must ask: when did bears start breathing fire?

(As an aside, I love saying the name 'Iron Monger'. It is an excellently entertaining name to say. Iron Monger, Iron Monger, Iron Monger [Rule of three!])

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