Saturday, December 30, 2006

My Bestest of 2006

Well, 2006 is going out the door. Things happened this year, that's for sure. Some things never change, though: I drank a lot of slurpees, wrote some crap, didn't write some crap, and Grant Morrison still rocks the house a million times over. Anyways, for entertainment purposes, here's the highlights of the year in my perspective:

Best Internet Thread: "Snakes on a Blame" at CHUD's main forum section
Lots of candidates for this, most of whom I completely forget. Even so, this one stuck out.
Firstly, the CHUD forums are an awesome place to lurk. Lots of serious discussion by big movie lovers, and it's fascinating. It's also hilarious when a dumbass is detected, as the regulars shred into them like you wouldn't believe. I'll probably never post there, partially because I don't see enough movies, but also because I'm afraid of making myself look like a moron in front of those posters out of fear and respect.
Secondly, I really wasn't much of a SoAP hater, although I probably could have been if I tried more (two of my friends were particularly into the whole thing, thus I had some justification). CHUD was full of people who laughed when it first came out, but was soon very disgusted by the cult mentality of the rest of the Internet. And it all boils over in here, with the one poster recieveing a nasty lashing.
(Note: This is for reading purposes only. If you decide to necro it and post your own take like a dumbass, don't even think of refering back to me.)

Weirdest Internet Thread: "Why Cars will suck" also at the CHUD forums
Sweet christ, the fact that someone spent all that time to make this...I doubt I'll ever see anything like it again. Not that I want to.

Best New Album: Beck's The Information
I didn't exactly listen to alot of new-at-the-time albums in 2006, but now I'm in the groove (and thus, you'll get full reviews of Modest Mouse and The Arcade Fire's new albums as soon as they come out next year), but I did listen to quite a bit of Beck, and The Information probably ranks as my favorite Beck album. I guess I'm kinda weird that way.

Best Old Album: Brian Wilson's Smile
Finally got around to listening to this one, and boy does it kick ass. Every song is so wonderfully bright and cheery (even the scary-sounding ones), and they all flow together perfectly. It's a great album, and required listening for all human kind.

Best Luck: Me
Because I was finally able to find a copy of Astro Boy: Omega Factor for the GBA and the Space Ghost: Coasto Coast Volume 3 DVD. Suck it.

Best person, real or fictional: Detective Chimp
How could you not agree? He's Detective Chimp.

Stupidest Idiot: OJ Simpson

Best Comic Book: Nextwave
"Father Blood Drench Robo Crush has something in his lens..."

Best Old Game: Actraiser
I found it, played through it, saw through it's "I'm The Master, definetly not any sort of God..." facade, and had a helluva good time.

Best New Game: ....
Everyone wants me to say Zelda, and I will, just becuase it'll put me in the popular clique. But I enjoyed many games this year, and I can't think of which one to choose. Eh.

Best Website:
Haven't found something as consistently entertaining for a long time.

Best Blog: If Destroyed
Lots of interesting reads here. Paul O'Brien's other site, The X-Axis, is also essential reading.

Best Piece of Matter: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Yeah, this is the best of the year, most definetly. I've waited a long time for the new Smash Bros. to be announced, and it was, and it was good. I am heavily anticipating the release of the game, if you can't tell. The day it comes out, I will finally be able to rest in peace. After playing it non-stop for a few months, of course.

Let's see those videos again:

and finally....

Best Piece of Anti-Matter: Owlman

Because he's the goddamn Owlman.

In conclusion, 2006 rocked, but I am looking forward to the new year. However, what would I do if I wasn't looking forward to the new year? Use a time machine to relive the past year over and over again? Kill myself? Kill someone else? Get another slurpee? I like that last one.

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