Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's Christmas Time for WEN-DI-GO!

Well, it's Christmas eve. I have nothing festive to say, so here's the endings of two classic Konami licensed beat-'em-ups.

Remember: this was made before Smithers had any sort of real character development, so him being a mad bomber wasn't completely unjustified.

Still, it's really freaking odd that they used the same damn engine of the TMNT and X-Men games in The Simpsons. But then again, it sure is fun.

See? White Queen is a bitch wherever she goes. Also, is that supposed to be Master Mold? It could also be some sort of deformed Nimrod...doesn't matter, his roar is terrifying.

This one was a real favorite of mine. Back when we used to go to the Rec Centre for school track 'n field, we'd spend most of our time playing it.

Gotta love Magneto's dialogue too.
"I am Magneto! Master of Magnet!"
"X-Men come to die!"
"Kill you!"
"You shall meet with my wrath!"

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