Sunday, January 14, 2007

Daily Grind: 1/14/07

It's easily one of the most beaten dead horses in history: The Family Circus is unfunny. But I still feel like taking it apart, like a million other nerds on the Internet. Maybe I'll say something original.

The funniest thing about TFC is how completely unfunny it can be. It's jarring sometimes, how anyone would think that one of it's 'jokes' is amusing in any way. They're not even jokes half the time, they more like observations. If horrifically stupid children misunderstanding basic concepts or mispronouncing words somehow brings humor into your life, I have a large stick that would love to meet your head.

One time, when I was working outside at my grocery store job, someone I didn't particularly like drove up to me with some buddies in his pickup and yelled "Got a new job?", immediately speeding away while laughing hysterically. This perplexed me. Was that supposed to be an insult? It seemed like a normal question to me.

So there, I guess I found a Family Circus reader.



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